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June 22, 2021


The Puriscal Times is a free English language website


Bienvenidos al Puriscal Times. Si desea presentar un artículo, información o fotos, por favor envíelo a: puriscaltimes@gmail.com    Also find us on Facebook.
Welcome to the Puriscal Times & Cigars, a site designed to help the residents & future residents of Puriscal have a positive experience while living in Costa Rica and to assist premium cigar aficionados . It contains informative articles, news, yellow pages, club info, and is freely distributed via the world wide web.                                                                                                           Editor:  John Scoble  8301-2689  Apdo. 120-6000 Puriscal.

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Many people believe that the name came from the flower of the beans…’flores del frijol’. A very romantic idea but there is another justification for the name Puriscal. The story of Puriscal says that in 1815 Puriscal began to be populated but this is not warranted. The truth is that some families reached Puriscal after 1856. Therefore, it is not easy to accept that the name derives from purisco, flower of the bean. The name predates that, because the land was cultivated and worked very hard. The name Puriscal has prior ancestry, lineage and caste. Simply derived from the Indians that inhabited the center of this community, puririsi or puririse Indians, such as the Quitirrisi. The suffix “al” of Puriscal simply indicates abundance. Where there were puris Indians, the town of puririsi, was called Puriscal. This really is credible because in many places of the city center and neighboring towns that were inhabited by indigenous Indians, often are found stones for grinding corn, stone axes, and pottery.  According to data from the National Museum of Costa Rica there are more than 4,000 archaeological sites registered and only six of them have formal protection. The rest do not have any type of protection, care, or maintenance. It is presumed, according to the studies, that Costa Rica has been inhabited for more than 12,000 years.  In the 4th canton of the province of San José, cradle of historical patrimonies such as the Temple of Barbacoas, the Temple of Pedernal and the emblematic Old Catholic Temple of Puriscal, decreed a Historical Architectural Heritage site of Costa Rica.  Latitude :9.84132    Longitude :-84.31540

If you would like to an article, composition, news ítem or photo, send it to: puriscaltimes@gmail.com

Population: 11,580 Elevaton: 3,625 feet Avg. Temp. 69 degress F San Jose: 28 miles
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