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July 24, 2021

Build A Home

We can help you build your new home

Our bilingual team will oversee the construction of your new home.  Contact the Puriscal Times for more information.  Remember that in Costa Rica, we have everything that we need, except what we don’t have.

Things to consider when thinking of building a home in Puriscal.  Once you have purchased the land, you will need the following items:

architectural plans, building permit, contractor’s contract, bilingual attorney, INS workers insurance, CAJA coverage for the workers, electrical and water connections. 

Contractors and individuals doing their own construction can obtain insurance for their workers over the Internet from The Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS).

You will need to have approval of a plan from the Colegio de Ingenieros y Arquitectos.


The policy covers riesgo de trabajo for employees on the job and while commuting to work. Without the policy, employees would be working illegally, and the contractor would be in jeopardy if a worker were injured. The contractors would be liable personally.


If in 2005 to build a home in Costa Rica cost about US$400 per square meter for 2015 it was around US$800.

Elfinancierocr.com reports that the single most cost increase is labor,  80% over the same period, according to analysis “7 realities of construction in Costa Rica can not ignore” made by the firm BildTeck.

What causes this and how it affects increasing the final consumer in Costa Rica labor is at least 4 times than to build a house in countries like Australia and the US. While in the US the number of man hours needed to build a house is 9.4 hours per square meter, in Costa Rica it takes between 40 and 60. Low labor productivity, on top of the cost of building materials, social charges and high costs of other materials such as energy, are preventing firms from being more competitive in an industry where both end house prices for completed works and gray works, exceed those in neighboring countries.

The price of materials such as cement, “… are added to other factors, such as rising inflation, which also pushes up prices … The cost of labor and the amount of man hours needed are added to the impact costs on the sector. ”

“In 20 years the price of cement has quadrupled, there is a shortage of local competition that pushes those prices and resents the sector,” said Federico Amador, founder of BildTeck.   In Costa Rica the supply of cement is concentrated in just two companies, Holcim and Cemex.


Also; http://www.costa-rica-mountain-property.com/building_in_CR.html



However it can be expensive to make your home safer. An online news site consulted at different stores and hardware stores on the prices of some of the items needed to feel a little safer.  The list does not include an alarm or the cost of monitoring by a security company like Grupo CISA 2416-8089.

Razor Wire

¢ 8,899 box of eight meters

5 padlocks

¢ 104,000 (20,800 c / u)

1 motion sensor with noise

¢ 18,600

Infrared motion sensor 1

¢ 10,800


¢ 12,000

1 meter half inch chain

¢ 4,700

Special Security Door

¢ 315,000

Surveillance System

¢ 99,995

Investment:  Plus the labor to install