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June 22, 2021


A 100% Costa Rican tobacco company with over 26 years experience in the production of premium, handmade cigars, consisting of our own brands and many private labels, which are created with custom blends selected by the clients. Then the customers provide their own packaging, designs and names and they pack and ship the products around the world. It is a family business, Don Olman Leon inherited the passion for tobacco from his grandparents and parents who were engaged in the production of tobacco in Puriscal and where Don Olman was born and raised. In 1990 he was appointed representative of tobacco producers of Costa Rica and to the Board of a local cooperative of tobacco farmers. It was there that he began to hear the myths about cigars made entirely by hand, so in 1996 he traveled to Cuba to see first-hand this artisan activity.

That trip impressed him so much that he dreamed of starting a cigar factory in Costa Rica. So he visited more tobacco farms and factories in the principal countries that engage in this activity, and he interacted with many tobacco and cigar experts. They are a company that has its own plantations, mainly for the production of wrappers and binders. The plantations are located in Ecuador because the climate benefits the cultivation of wrapper tobacco. They do permanent inspections and control of the curing and fermentation of the tobacco. In 1998 Don Olman started an association of producers of handmade cigars in Puriscal. Currently the factory has significant influence on the domestic market, however, this is not their priority. At the international level , it has many customers in Russia, The United Arab Emirates, Europe, United States, Lebanon, Turkey, Japan, Germany, Italy, Dubai , Holland and Asia. The factory is currently making cigars for 18+ different clients under different logos and with exclusive blends. Don Olman is extremely proud to announce his latest creation, Don Guzman ‘DG’ cigars, available in the following vitolas; 6×42, 5×50, 5×52, 5×56 and 5×60. In 2019 we will release our newest factory blends; OLMAN, La Joya de CR, La flor de Montenegro and DG.

Over 24 different sizes (vitolas) and 35 blends of cigars are available.

Binders…Ecuador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican. Sumatra, Brazil.

Wrappers: Ecuador & Costa Rica: Criolla 98, Corojo 2012, Habano & Maduro, HVA, Connecticut shade.
Fillers: Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Honduras. Cuban tobacco when available.

The factory is open to the public for free tours between 7:00am and 4:30pm, call 2416-6744 before for information and appointment. Currently producing 35 different blends.

Custom, full-color cigar bands available with a minimum order of 20 cigars!

Cigar reviews available upon request to…puriscaltimes@gmail.com