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July 24, 2021

News & Events

News & Events…..more news after the “clubs”.

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POPS ice cream next to the central market in town.
2019 HOLIDAYS:  The year 2019 arrived and the Costa Ricans already started making plans. But what will be the holidays this year?

April 11. Juan Santamaría Day: Thursday
April 14 to 21: Holy Week
1st of May International Labor Day: Wednesday.
July 25 Annexation of the Nicoya Party to Costa Rica: Thursday
August 2nd. Day of the Virgin of the Angels: Friday
August 15th. Mother’s Day: Thursday.
September 15th. Independence of Costa Rica: Sunday.
October 12 °. Meeting of Cultures: Saturday
December 25th. Christmas: Wednesday.
January 1, 2020: Wednesday

June 8, 2019:  Services such as Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix, among others, will continue without the 13% Value Added Tax (VAT), according to a report by La Republica, at least while the Ministerio de Hacienda (Ministry of Finance) defines the list of companies to which the tax will be applied. According to Giovanni Tencio, deputy general director of Taxation, the problem arises when entrusting the payment of the tax of services of digital platforms to the issuers of credit and debit cards, that would not have a way to verify in which country they are being used. In addition, he clarified that Hacienda does not contemplate applying it to companies such as Amazon. Ideally, cross-border service companies would be registered in Costa Rica to directly charge them for VAT, thus avoiding problems due to their use in other countries.  www.qcostarica.com  
VACCINATIONS: Starting in July 2019, foreigners who apply for temporary or permanent residence in Costa Rica in will have to comply with the national vaccination program. The ‘esquema nacional de vacunas’ (national vaccination program) is composed of 17 vaccines, including the most recent against rotavirus and human papillomavirus.
It includes, in addition, the vaccine against measles, rubella, and mumps, BCG, Hepatitis B, pneumococcus, influenza, tetanus and diphtheria, among others. The Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Salud) and the immigration service *General de Migración y Extranjería – DGMIE) are currently working on the formulation of requirements.
March 12, 2019:  There were representatives of the Conavi on the 1 lane bridge of Quebrada Honda de Mora, Ciudad Colón. It seems that the extension of the bridge to 2 lanes will be a reality, but no “official” announcement, although the engineers were studying were to put the storage/work area.
Sunday, December 23, 2018
The three suspects of the assault on passengers and Contrasuli (Puriscal) bus driver were arrested and identified by the victims this afternoon after a call from the authorities.
The Costa Rican subjects of surnames Sandi Umaña, Sandí Guadamuz and Gálvez Villarreal were duly identified and transferred to the courts, it must be remembered that the assailants left a wounded passenger. “They hit him hard with the cachera, the three climbed, one was left pointing at the driver and the other two moved where users, in a row assaulted each, several took their cell phones, cash and even tennis shoes I was carrying, “said a user who was assaulted.
He also added that a fourth subject was waiting for them 20 meters away with a vehicle, they got out and crossed the street and fled the place.
“They were very aggressive, they behaved brusquely with the users and took everything they could,” added the victim of the theft.

Many bus companies have been allowing police and armed security guards to ride for free. Now this has been extended to the armed general public. Show your legal carry carnet when boarding and you will ride free. What a great initiative and recognition of the value to society of armed civilians. Posted on FB by Tanya R.   Legal Residents over 65 can also ride for free by showing the driver your cedula.

2019 PROPERTY TAXES:  Puriscal 2019 property taxes will be available January 7th, possible 10% discount if you pay the full year in cash at the Muni.

You can consult here:  http://www.munipuriscal.go.cr/     2416-6026

TORO LAWNMOWER STOLEN:  We live in Barbacoas, Puriscal. Want to alert everyone that we had a robbery here today; what was stolen, primarily, was our North American-style lawnmower, a red Toro push mower. If anyone sees one for sale or in use by someone who never had one before, please LMK. Also we have security cameras; one was broken a week ago, presumably by those casing the house for the robbery.

LANDLORDS: Nov. 1 was the deadline for everyone doing business in Costa Rica to give and accept electronic invoices. Much to the chagrin of Ticos and expats alike, this includes the renting of rooms, homes, villas, and any other type of temporary lodging for vacationers.

MARCHAMO:  The Finance Ministry confirms that there are a total of 2,391,602 registered vehicles in Costa Rica, which will pay 7.76 percent less for the vehicle property tax in 2019.  Marchamo is due by Dec. 31.
According to the Ministry, they expect to collect an estimated $288 million with this tax.
To make it easier for people to consult the tax value of a vehicle and the property tax, the Ministry opened a link on the website for inquiries about the amount to pay, at www.hacienda.go.cr , in the section of Auto-Question

SJO...This December, the Juan Santamaria Airport will inaugurate a new four level building of six thousand square meters that will add four new boarding gates, a VIP room and an area for pets.  With this new addition, Costa Rica’s main airport will be able to handle 600 more passengers per hour. This new building is part of the works of project La Candela which will be completed by mid-2019 and which contemplates works with a total value of US$39.5 million.

“As reported Tuesday (October 9) afternoon by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), the Constitutional Court or Sala IV confirmed that all persons who in vehicles must identify themselves if asked by police. The Sala IV resolution 2018-016698 delivered on Friday, October 5, results from an appeal filed by a citizen, who on August 29, while riding in a vehicle where she was not the driver, was asked by a Transito (traffic) official to identify herself. She refused.
The driver had been stopped, in Alajuela, for the illegal transport of persons. The MOPT report does not indicate if the driver was an Uber or “pirata”
Riteve is the company in charge of carrying out the technical review of all the vehicles in the country. This review is mandatory.
According to Riteve spokeswoman, Jennifer Hidalgo, the increase was requested a month ago. “We have an agreement to divide the increase into three parts. So we are asking for the first increase.” According to the institution, “the request is for an increase of 2.72 percent.” That would be about $0.62 for vehicles of less than 3,500 kg. So the final price of the inspection would be approximately $24. the request for increase will be submitted to a public hearing on November 7 in the auditorium of the institution.

Heavy Rains: Jicaral, Lepanto, Nadayure, Parrita, Quepos, the plains of Guanacaste, Puriscal and the area of Los Santos, are some of the communities in which a yellow alert was decreed due to the heavy rains of the last hours. At this time there are landslides that they prevent the passage between Parrita and Puriscal, as well as Aserrí and La Tranca.  Tropical storm #42 arrives Oct. 11.

2019 MARCHAMO:  The Insurance Institute has agreed to keep the vehicle tax, marchamo, unchanged even though road accidents have increased in the last year. The tax must be paid in December.

  The Institute will start collecting this tax beginning Nov. 1, and the final date to make the payment without penalty is Dec. 31st. The tax payment is related to the value of the vehicle, so drivers must report to the institute or any bank with the number plate of the vehicle to determine the amount.
NATL. STRIKE: The unions across the country announced on Thursday an indefinite national strike starting next September 10 against the tax plan proposed by the government and that is discussed in the Legislative Assembly.
The unions announced that from 6:00 am on that day all public services in the country will be paralyzed.  As of Sept. 21 the strike is continuing.  Oct. 1st…STRIKE CONTINUES; After several meetings that began September 19th, Labor Minster Steven Nuñez and leaders from the principal union organizations such as the National Association of Educators, the Teachers’ Union, and the National Association of Public Employees, have failed to reach any agreement to stop the strike.

PURISCALENA WINS GOLD MEDAL: On Tuesday July 31, many in Puriscal celebrated the victory of Andrea Vargas at the Central American and Caribbean Games 2018, but in the midst of so much excitement, it did not come as a surprise to those who have followed her, as most of the country.  Although they did not expect the gold medal that the young woman got in the 100-yard hurdles, they did know that such a success was a matter of time.  Neighbors and relatives have witnessed the efforts of Andrea and her sister, Noelia, because when they talk about one of the Vargas they end up mentioning the other.  Early mornings and afternoons training wherever and regardless of weather conditions were signals for the Puriscaleños. “It’s not surprising because you know there’s a lot of sacrifice and it’s not something new, it was only to wait for something big, she really deserved it,” said Adriana Guzmán, who has lived next door to the house where Andrea grew up.

Puriscal Muni scored between 50 – 70 out of 100 in Govt. evaluation: The Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic said Tuesday that just 18 out of 81 of the country’s municipalities scored better than 70 our of 100 in an evaluation. The study is based on the result of municipal work in: development and institutional management, planning, citizen participation and accountability, the management of environmental development, the management of economic services, road management and the management of social services.

According to the study, the municipalities most often struggle in the areas of: cleanliness of roads and public places, parks and ornamental works and waste treatment.Puriscal scored between 50 – 70 out of 100

Full Report:  https://cgrfiles.cgr.go.cr/publico/docsweb/rev_dig/inf_opinion/2017/igm-2017.pdf

Mayor of Puriscal urges works on Route # 239.  Luis Madrigal, the mayor of Puriscal, urged the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Rodolfo Méndez Mata, to carry out work on the route that connects Puriscal with Parrita because the road is in very poor condition due to the rainy season.
The mayor confirmed that the minister and legislators had agreed to meet with him, but that the minister’s scheduling problems caused the meeting to be cancelled.
“I urge the deputies to help to improve this route that will help the neighbors of the community, the canton of Puriscal and the country, because it is an important alternative route to the Central Pacific when there is a problem on Route 27,” he said.
Madrigal said that with the arrival of the rainy season, schoolchildren, and small and medium entrepreneurs in tourism and agriculture are affected by the lack of accessibility along this road.
He added that “it hinders the transportation of students who go to the different schools, the neighbors who seek medical attention like the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities,” as well as farmers who try to get their products to market.  Puriscal’s mayor also said that, in spite the heavy investment made in the district to improve the cantonal roads, the main route continues to  be in poor condition.Puriscal070918.jpg
TAKING COFFEE TO THE US? If you travel to the United States or make a connection in that country, take into account that since last Saturday, June 30, new restrictions apply for hand luggage, which corresponds to the suitcase or bag that the passenger carries with him in the cabin of the plane. According to travel agencies and airlines, it is prohibited to transport more than 340 grams of powdered substances, that is, 12 ounces, with some exceptions.  Even this regulation covers the makeup that is powder, as well as other products such as flour, sugar, talc, milk powder and condiments.
In addition, it applies to coffee, which we usually bring to give to relatives or friends who live abroad.   So more than a small bag of ground coffee will have to be put in a checked luggage bag.
Yesterday three criminals managed to strip several passengers of their belongings and the money of the driver of a Comtrasuli bus in the vicinity of the toll plaza to Ciudad Colón.
According to information, the three men boarded the bus directly to Puriscal in the terminal of San José and at this point they commit the assault. They beat a passenger in the head with an apparent firearm. After the crime they get off and board a vehicle.
Extensive police deployment on the site. Transfers were made to passengers on the site. A certain number of them remained in the place waiting for the judicial investigation body to be able to make the complaint. The affected passenger was transferred on another bus to Cais. of Puriscal for a possible suture on his head.
The police were able to apprehend 2 of the suspects.

“Sin bolsas plásticas, por favor”. Farmer’s Market of Santo Domingo says goodbye to plastic bags which will allow producers to save ¢ 8 million a year and collaborate with the environment. The producers and the municipality, supported by the company Camposanto La Piedad, launched a campaign that promotes the use of alternative materials to pack consumer purchases.

EKONO STORES;  In search of satisfying the needs of its customers, Tiendas Ekono, incorporated the “plus SIZE” category in its department for men.   This means that it now has clothing sizes ranging from XL to XXXL, and in the case of pants from 40 to 44.

25 Municipalities join the United Nations strategy to replace single-use plastic…Puriscal not among them. The government could assess a ¢100 tax on each plastic bottle to discourage its use and, at the same time, obtain fresh resources for the public treasury.
That is the proposal that a group of environmentalists are turning into a legislative bill to be sent to the Legislative Assembly, taking advantage of the current discussions with regards to the fiscal reform.
Costa Rican health authorities announced that the annual vaccination campaign against four types of influenza will begin Monday. The authorities will deliver free, priority vaccination to children over 6 months and under 5 years, those over 60. In 2017, 76 people died in Costa Rica due to causes associated with influenza, 43 fewer victims than in 2016. Seniors will be among the priority population to have access to the vaccine.
June 2; Police Report
Police, OIJ and Transit of Puriscal,
joined in a Mega operation to provide security to the inhabitants.
The confiscation of:Three motorcycles, two by transit and one for changing the ID numbers on the moto.
Fourteen queries to the criminal file, the seizure of 67.8 grams of marijuana.
One detainee for reckless driving, this being at the request of the police.

Now they just need to investigate the major companies in Puriscal that are suspected of laundering drug money.

SELLING A PROPERTY IN CR?   the actual sales price now has to appear in the Transfer Deed, which the Muni. can see when registered, as there is also the requirement for a sworn Declaration by the buyer, as to the amount and source of the purchase monies.
NEW INTERSECTION IN FRONT OF SJO AIRPORT:  https://www.crhoy.com/nacionales/asi-funcionara-el-nuevo-paso-del-cruce-del-aeropuerto-juan-santamaria/   
A minor of 14 years was arrested April 19th as a suspect of being the leader of a band dedicated to assault in the area of Santiago de Puriscal.
The teenager was arrested in a raid on his house. According to the judicial police, the group assaulted its victims using firearms.
In addition to the minor, a subject named Flores Pavón, an adult who was part of the group and who is linked to an assault committed on a bus driver on April 12, was arrested.
“Yesterday the Prosecutor’s Office requested preventive detention against Flores, however, the Court rejected the petition and the accused was left without precautionary measures. Given this, the Public Ministry made the respective appeal to request, in a new hearing, to order the arrest.    PS:  THE KID WAS RE-ARRESTED AND IS IN JAIL
Each month, the Traffic Police confiscate more than 1300 motorcycles that travel through Costa Rican streets under irregular conditions.  This is shown by the statistics of the entity that has issued instructions to try to stop the deaths of motorized in the country.  In the last 15 months, a total of 90 motorcyclists lost their lives on the road after suffering a traffic accident.
The concern of the authorities is that motorcyclists represent about 44% of all deaths by accidents.

Out of the 81 municipalities in the country only 12 will ban the sale of alcohol on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, March 29 and 30.

The places were alcohol sales won’t be tolerated are: Puriscal, Alajuelita, La Union, Turrialba, Alvarado, El Guarco, Heredia, San Isidro, Flores, Cañas and Esparza.  In the case of Cartago, the ban will only be on Friday.
Some 65 more municipalities have informed the public that they will not prohibit the sale of liquor, while four local governments have not yet made a decision.

The ExpoSolar Fair will take place from April 5 through 7 in the National Stadium. The trade fair will have booths and exhibitions to let visitors and interested parties learn about options for the use of solar energy.
The fair will organize business round tables in which interested people can schedule meetings with exhibiting companies and financial advisors who will provide them with the information they need to potentially transform their energy use.

Culture House…Casa de la Cultura, 8478 4806.  https://www.facebook.com/adeculturapuriscal/     http://puriscultura.com/

Costa Rica to plant Robusta coffee for first time.   http://qcostarica.com/costa-rica-to-lift-30-year-ban-on-robusta-coffee/

BROADBAND NETWORK;  Given the growing demand for services and projecting its expansion in Central America, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) increased the capacity its broadband network capacity 52.75% by contracting 100 gigabits per second from Telia Carrier, an international leader in telecommunications with more than 230 connection points around the world.

PURISCAL IS SAFE:  Only 14 cantons, including Puriscal, escaped the wave of homicides the country has been going through since the beginning of 2017. For the third consecutive year, homicides have been over 10 per 100,000 people, a situation that the UN calls a “murder pandemic.” Last year’s death rate was 12/100,000.  The Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), describes the problem as a social issue. OIJ indicated that the current number of security teams is insufficient.   amcostarica.com  Jan. 18

NATURE-AIR FLIGHT OPERATIONS SUSPENDED: NatureAir just had their operations suspended Jan. 12 at 3:00pm by the Aviation Civil of Costa Rica.  This is after the deadly crash in Guanacaste on Dec. 31st that claimed 12 lives.


TOURISTS BACKPACKS STOLENS, BUT RETURNED:  A man was apprehended by Tourist Police in the center of Quepos Jan. 4, in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, when he was on the run with three backpacks he had stolen from a group of U.S. tourists. This was confirmed by Juan Carlos Salas, the local chief of the Tourist Police, who explained that as they were doing their routine rounds in the area they saw the suspect carrying three backpacks, they immediately stopped him and after questioning him and making inquiries they realized that just a short distance away a group of tourists had been robbed. Apparently they had left their belongings in a parked vehicle close to the beach. The thief took advantage of the fact the owners were far, broke one of the windows took the objects and ran off. The objects were returned to the owners and the man was transferred to the judicial authorities. This is a common situation in areas visited by tourists. The Police warns not to leave valuable objects in the car, specially not at plain sight, preferably use the security box at the hotel if they have one and carry only what is strictly necessary.

Costa Rica Immigration Offices Will Be Closed for Almost A Month. The Directorate of Immigration reported that its headquarters will be closed from December 18 until January 15.
To get a passport before next year, you must apply by December 11th, however, there are no appointments until February so you must apply at a Post Office instead.
From December 18-22, some emergency services will be open, such as the procedures for the exit of minors and the delivery of passports that were ordered by December 11th. These services are provided from 7am to 2pm.
From January 8-12, some exceptional procedures will occur, such as those in the immigration police offices and the Refuge Unit. All services are closed from the 25th-5th, per decree of collective holidays of government entities.
The institution reports that the closure will allow them to update administrative tasks to improve response times, as well as save on energy consumption, telecommunications and other services. What will happen to the refugees that arrive while the institution saves on energy consumption?

PERFECT ENTRANCE EXAM SCORE:  Mayell Sandí, graduated from the Professional Technical School of Puriscal, managed to obtain the perfect grade in the entrance exam to the University of Costa Rica.  On the other hand Pablo González of the Scientific School of Alajuela obtained the note of 799.73 points, while the third place was occupied by Melany Villalobos of the Humberto Melloni Professional Technical College with 797, 18.  The results will be announced to the general population on Tuesday at the website www.ori.ucr.ac.cr and schools, starting at 1:00 p.m.  Those who achieve a minimum average of 442 may compete for admission to their career and campus, as long as they have passed the baccalaureate in Media Education.  According to data from the Registry and Information Office, more than 42,000 students from all over the country participated in this process.

Feria del Chicharrón de Puriscal, new products and surprises. Agriculture Park, Dec. 1 – 10th.
CONGRATULATIONS Student en Puriscal achieves perfect note in ITCR exam, Instit. Technologico
Daniel Acuña Jiménez, of the Scientific School of Alajuela, was recognized as the best average in admission for 2018.
MERRY CHRISTMAS: December arrives and with it the alarms for the authorities, because many older adults are abandoned by their families not only in the hospitals, but also in the houses.
The records of other years indicate that for this 2017 about 200 older adults will be abandoned by their families. This Wednesday the Ombudsman’s Office launched a campaign with which they seek that society in general becomes part of the fight against violence and the abandonment of senior citizens.
There are currently 440,799 older adults in the country and by 2050 it is expected to be 1,262,311.

Between January and September of 2017 a total of 3,877 cases of aggressions related to older adults were reported to the 9-1-1 Emergency Service, of which 1,383 for psychological violence and 196 for ​household​ abuse. So 200 out of 440,799 is 0.00045%.

Pricesmart Santa Ana is open, located along Hwy. 27, coming from Puriscal it is past the toll plaza and Ashley Furniture, on the right.  Underground parking is available, sushi & seafood bar in addition to the regular food like pizza and chicken.  It has an optician shop but no vehicle tires like Escazu and Zapote.


The first Crate & Barrel in the Central American region opens today, Friday, July 28, at Avenida Escazú, a trendy, upscale commercial and residential complex just west of San José, Costa Rica.  The store involved an investment of US$4 million, has an extension of 2,200m2, and will employ an estimated 40 people for ​​sales, cashier, exhibition, and other work.  Crate & Barrel offers its own brand designs, kitchen accessories, home decor, modern furniture, entertainment, lighting, as well as accessories for bed, bath and office, all at an affordable price. In addition to its base product line, it will offer its own seasonal designs, said the company.

Re-paving route 239 between Puriscal and Ciudad Colon. 
Beginning on Monday, June 19, and for 3 months, begins the removal of the old road surface and placement of a new asphalt mixture, between Puriscal and Ciudad Colon.
According to Mauricio Sojo, these works of maintenance of the national road network will be carried out from Monday to Sunday, with regulated passage, between 8 am and 4 pm.
In this sense, Sojo asked the frequent users of the route to take into account the work schedule and the increase in travel times, understanding that there will be an alternative lane in either direction during most of the day.
These works, in the 20 km stretch of national route 239, involves an investment of ¢ 1.3 billion, which will be implemented through the Road and Bridges Conservation Contracts of the National Road Safety Council.   NOTE: Wouldn’t it be great if they made the bridge over ​Rio Quebrada Honda​ 2 lanes!!!  

The Costa Rican Coast Guard National Service of the Ministry of Public Safety will soon have two modern patrol boats, 110 feet long each, thanks to a donation from the United States Government. They will be the most modern boats, with state-of-the-art technology, in the Costa Rican police force.  Gustavo Mata, Minister of Security, said Friday that “there is excellent news” and announced that on August 30, the first group of engineers and technicians of the National Coast Guard will leave for Baltimore, USA to receive specialized training in the Management of these patrol boats, which will be in use March 2018.

Starting next Monday, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) will begin the vaccination of 1.3 million people against the influenza virus.
According to the coordinator of the program of Immunizations of the CCSS, Leandra Abarca, the campaign will seek to protect children between six months and five years, adults over 60 and pregnant women at any time during pregnancy.
The doses will begin to be distributed from this Tuesday in all the health centers so that the day begins next Monday throughout the country, without any mishaps.
According to information from the Fund for this year the purchase of 1.3 million doses represented an investment of $ 5 million.
Gripe-influenza vacinations will be available June 5, 2017.  Highly recommended for seniors, diabetics and children.  Available from the CAJA/Ebais and local farmacias.
TV station chastised for demeaning commercial; Legislators and the Office of Propaganda Control expressed disappointment in Teletica over its promotion of the summer festival in Puriscal. The commercial showed a woman in labor. A man is also there at her side but then runs off when he hears that the bull events are starting in Puriscal. March 30th

CR Govt. to reinstate taxes on Corporations:  lawmakers Thursday, March 16th, approved for the second and final time a new tax on corporations. The tax is expected to raise 45 billion colons or about $81 million from entities registered with the government.
Many expats hold ownership in their homes and motor vehicles through establishing a corporation, usually a sociedad anónima or a sociedad de responsabilidad limitada. They are abbreviated S.A. and S.R.L.   The law goes into effect three months after the first day of the month following its publication. Then a proportional amount of taxes are due within the next 30 days for 2017. One stipulation is that the amount paid in taxes cannot be listed as a deduction for income taxes.   Inactive corporations, that is those that have no economic activity, would pay 15 percent of the base salary for the annual tax. That would be about 68,192 colons or $115.09 due Jan. 1, 2018, for a full year.
Costa Rican corporate entities and local branches of foreign corporations with gross income of less than 250 times the base salary, about 106.5 million colons or  about $192,000, would pay 30 percent, about 128,000 colons or  $230.

Government gives public employees a week off for Easter, April 8th to the 17th.   Since the Governing Council was informed this afternoon that the public sector will have the full Holy Week free. This year, the religious celebration begins on Sunday, April 9 and ends on Sunday the 16th with the Resurrection of Jesus.  In the middle fell the holiday of April 11, where the heroic feat of Juan Santamaria is celebrated, hence the decision taken by the Ministry of Labor and ratified by the Council this morning.

FIESTAS;  located in the Redondel in Puriscal, Thursday March 16 – 19th.

INCREASE IN SUPERMARKET ROBBERIES: The alerts were signaed by robberies like the one that happened in a store in Junquillo Arriba, in Puriscal.   Puriscaleños supermarkets are in the sights of criminals. The average is a robbery every month: not all are violent. The police confirmed an increase in this type of criminal acts. Currently 12 businesses in the canton are affiliated to a commercial security program. Officers instruct store owners on prevention and reaction to a robbery.      http://www.teletica.com/Noticias/153293-.note.aspx

NEW PRICESMART IN SANTA ANA:  the location of the new Pricesmart in Sta. Ana is along Hwy. 27 just before Sta. Ana, on the right, just past a small commercial center….”Plaza Obelisco”….usually there are cars for sale out front.  I saw the construction going on in the back, on a residential street so I’m assuming that they will have a main entrance off Ruta 27.

Holy Week in Costa Rica in 2017, Semana Santa: Holy Week, according to the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, begins with Palm Sunday, when Jesus enters Jerusalem and is received with palm leaves. The following are the dates of the Gregorian calendar for 2017.  April 9th to the 16th.

Road authority promises relief in Puriscal

Minister of Public Works and Transport, Carlos Villalta, visited with residents of Puriscal Wednesday to hear their complaints about deteriorating roads in the area. They were especially concerned about Ruta 239, which they say has been  in need of repair for a long time due to abandonment of maintenance. Villalta pledged to help. Diario Extra

AIRPORT GUNS?  Costa Rica does not permit passengers from ever touching a firearm inside an airport. Airport police chief Arturo Meléndez says passengers wishing to travel with a firearm from Costa Rica must obtain permits and notify the airlines. More precautions follow, and if approved, the firearm travels in checked-in luggage, never carry-on bags. La Nación

BLUES FESTIVAL:  The Sixth Costa Rica Blues Fest will take place on February 18, 2017 at The Costa Rica Sailing Center in Playa Potrero, Guanacaste. The music starts at 11 am. Food and drink will be available throughout the event.  http://www.crbluesfest.com/

Park cameras stolen – Again: For the third time, cameras used to monitor mammals in the Cangreja National Park have been stolen. It is believed the cameras were originally removed by hunters who did not want officials viewing illegal activities. Officials are asking people in the Llano Hermoso, Puriscal and Las Lapas Biological Corridor to notify them if anyone tries to sell the cameras. Diario Extra

Church of Santiago de Puriscal was targeted by thieves Monday Aug. 22, 2016.  The theft was discovered at 5 pm when the sexton came to the Catholic church in Santiago de Puriscal to prepare 6pm Mass .  One of the side doors was open.  At the time of review, they not know who had the money collected in the six weekend Masses.  Agents of the Judicial Investigation Agency OIJ are conducting the investigation.  One aspect that stands out is that the doors were not forced. Hence it is possible that those responsible for the theft hid inside the temple, after Mass on Sunday afternoon.  The money collected in the temple treasury was destined for the production of newsletters and helps people in the community.  Two years ago criminals tried to enter the temple but did not.  This time the motion sensor alarm did not alert anyone.  Noticias Canal 7

Gambling on water……Published in La Nación, August       The 1,000 residents of El Carmen de Puriscal know it’s a gamble every time they turn on the faucet. It’s not unusual for this neighborhood to be without water for 13 hours at a time. Residents have gotten used to doing laundry late at night, taking showers at odd hours and collecting water for the next day’s dry period. Water officials say it will be three years before more water can be run to the area.  Located West of the sports field and high school, downtown.

MOTORCYCLES: More than 650,000 Motorcycles Circulate The Roads of Costa Rica.  In the country there some 500,000 officially registered motorbikes and more than 150,000 on the roads illegally.  Every day there seems to be more and more motorcycles on the roads, in between vehicles, on the shoulders; drivers of four-wheeled vehicles constantly are surprised with the sudden appearance of a motorcycle on its side or front. In many cases motorcyclists put their lives at risk and that of others.  Why is this happening?  With the high prices of gasoline and growing traffic congestion, many are opting for the two-wheeled motorized transport.  Motorcycles have become popular, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, fuel-efficient and can be used to maneuver through traffic congestion, getting to work or home more quickly.  In rural areas, motorcycles have become so popular that they have replaced the horse, car and bicycle, according to Rojas, explaining that the “bike boom” began in 2007, which unfortunately coincided with the increase of people killed in traffic accidents.

More info at; http://qcostarica.com/more-than-650000-motorcycles-circulate-the-roads-of-costa-rica/

New controls over dust from construction sites

Construction projects must now prevent the spread of piled materials onto nearby properties and keep the ground moist to control dust and dirt.  Costa Rica’s Health Ministry approved a new regulation requiring construction companies and contractors to reduce the impact of dust from construction projects on nearby residents.  The new regulation, which was published earlier this month in the official newspaper La Gaceta, requires all construction materials, such as gravel and sand piles, to be covered with tarps.  Project managers also have to keep the ground moist to control dust and dirt, and build all necessary structures to keep materials from spilling onto nearby properties.

The regulation also mandates the construction of windbreaks to prevent gusts from dispersing waste materials, and waste discharge pipelines at all construction projects with multiple levels.  All dump trucks transporting loose material should be covered.  The regulation applies to public and private construction projects.  The Health Ministry has the authority to halt work at any project that fails to comply with provisions of the regulation.  Dust from construction sites can cause allergies, rashes and other skin problems and respiratory diseases. It can also severely damage lung tissue.  Ticotimes.net

NEW LIBRARY:  Located where for years was the plaza de ganado, 200 meters west of the municipal market, in the field behind the AyA warehouse,  will be the new Puriscal library, being built for a cost of $ 200,000

EXIT TAX INCREASE…June 1, 2016.  $ 2 more to leave Costa Rica, whose proceeds will fund programs for the National Animal Health Service (SENASA).  Thus, the amount to be paid for out of Costa Rica include $ 27 departure tax, a $2 FEE already in place for the Phytosanitary State Service (SFE) and the new contribution to the Senasa, so it will be in total of $ 31.  According to data from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), based on figures from the Department of Migration, in 2015 2.66 million tourists entered and 918,647 Costa Ricans outlets abroad were recorded.

YEARLY VEHICLE INSPECTION COST GOING UP.  The price of Costa Rica’s mandatory, yearly technical vehicle inspection will increase next month after 11 years without change.  The Public Works and Transport Ministry (MOPT) agreed with Riteve SyC, the Spanish-owned company responsible for carrying out the mandatory inspections, that new rates will take effect starting July 1 and increase incrementally over the next two years.   Transport Vice Minister Sebastián Urbina said the new hikes will be based on the country’s inflation rates, but the government and Riteve also agreed on three fixed hikes for all types of vehicles.  Urbina cited a ₡993 ($1.80) increase for automobiles in July and two hikes of ₡1,250 (₡2.28) that will apply in January of 2017 and 2018. He said the full list of new tariffs for all other types of vehicles will be made public in the coming days.


Lions Club

Classic Cars…https://www.facebook.com/AutosAntiguosCostaRica?fref=photo

Bridge Club meets every Thursday from noon to 3:30. Contact Fred H. at 8866-0128. modified Standard American Chicago system and many of our players are just learning.

Chess club:  Warren Elliott  8644-4237 Poker: every other Thursday from 12 noon till 5:00, 

Texas Holdem in Le’ Organico- next to Cafe Delicias about 3 blocks west of the park and one block south in downtown San Ramon.  Buy in is 20 dollars and for the first hour you can re-buy same stack for 10 dollars. 1st, 2nd and 3rd places get paid.  For information and seat reservation please email jamesfrasergadd@hotmail.com 

Radio puriscal 88.3 fm   www.radioculturalpuriscal.com 

ATENAS fILM FESTIVAL: http://atenascine.com/

 AA Central San Jose: 2222-1880,  in Puriscal 8866-0128 

English American Legion Post 10, Escazu:   2232-1680 

Bird watching club:  costaricabirding@hotmail.com 

Blooms: membership info 2444-8796 or by email to;         dewar@casadewar.com 

Canadian Club:   www.canadianclubcr.com 

Cigar club: monthly at the factory. Contact 8301-2689 

Democrats Abroad:   www.democratsabroad.org 

Republicans abroad:  2439-2897 

Little theatre group:   www.littletheatregroup.org  8858-1446 

Newcomers club:  Marsha Waddelow 8624-4186, marsha@vistacanyoninn.com,  Grace Woodman incoming Pres.  newcomersclubofcostarica/facebook. 

PC club, www.pcclub.net, chuck 2266-0123 pc club: 3rd Sat. of each month in belen,   

womens club:   www.wccr.org 

Wine club:   1 pm last sat. of each month; 2279-8927 / 2257-2223 

BIRDING and Costa Rica Living: http://birdingcraft.com/wordpress/ 

COOKING SCHOOL: Oriental class  Sat. May 11th from 8am to 12pm, cost is 20.000 colones. Food from KOREA, FILIPINAS Y JAPÓN.                 Escuela de Cocina Sabor y Arte, Puriscal centro. Diana Isabel Madrigal Garro, Tel. 7206-9186 / 6056-0521.                                         https://www.facebook.com/diana.madrigal.509?fref=nf

AIR CANADA: The airline Air Canada announced its intention to expand its operations in the country by incorporating the direct flight between Montreal and San Jose for the winter season 2016- 2017.
There are two weekly flights from December 22, 2016, Boeing 767-300ER with a capacity of 282 passengers. These flights are still under government approval.

CANADIAN VOTING RIGHTS: The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear the case for voting rights that currently are denied to 1.4 million Canadians living abroad for more than five years.  The hearing is expected to take place early next year. Expats said that the legal battle was a see-saw situation since 1993.

Canada´s  Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that all Canadian citizens have the right to vote, without qualification as to their place of residence or for how long

Expats said that the legal battle was a see-saw situation since 1993.  The appeal to the Supreme Court is designed to affirm the rights and principles of Canadian democracy to its citizens living abroad, she added in a statement Thursday. Many of the estimated 10,000 Canadians residing in Costa Rica will be affected.


By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Bandits pretending to be postal employees stuck up a branch of the Banco de Costa Rica in Puriscal about 4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11th.

The Fuerza Pública said that there were four crooks.

The bandits tied up four bank employees and put them in the branch’s vault while they took an undetermined amount of money.

Police at first thought they were involved in a hostage situation. However, shorty after 7 p.m. the Fuerza Pública said they found the bank employee’s car in which the crooks had fled.

Juan Jose Andrade, director general of the police agency, said that officers still were in the area seeking the bandits. The car was found at Quitirrisi  a community on the main road east of Puriscal.

One of the employees was able to alert the central bank security office by flashing a sign that said a robbery was taking place. A surveillance camera in the bank picked up the message.

Tourists victims of customs inspectors at SJO airport: 

Judicial investigators said Wednesday that three customs inspectors at Juan Santamaría airport were shaking down arriving air travelers. Agents arrested three customs employees, all in their 50s, at the airport and a fourth man who worked as a baggage handler, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. The crimes alleged date back to 2014.  The investigating agency said that the customs inspectors would tell arriving travelers that they carried baggage that weighed too much. Then they threatened to confiscate some of the luggage or packages.

The air traveler victims were extorted for sums ranging from $70 to $160, said the judicial agency.

Nov. 3, 2015. 

Canada Warns Travellers Of Increasing Levels of Violent Crime In Costa Rica.  “The decision to travel is your responsibility … Crime is a significant problem throughout Costa Rica … Violent crime against foreigners is a concern. Armed robberies and home invasions occur, including in beach areas and on main highways in the Central Valley (…),” say the Canada travel advice page on Costa Rica.  Police say that the “over-confidence of some visitors” leads them to become easy pickings for criminals.  For its part the US Embassy in San Jose warns that: ‘Crime is increasing in Costa Rica and U.S. citizens are frequent victims. While petty theft is the main problem, armed robberies have been known to occur even in broad daylight.’

“MI PURIBUS“…… Movil app for Puriscal using a smart phone


This app was created by young Carlos Castro Brenes from Puriscal, who is a Microsoft Student Partner.  It is in Spanish.  Information about bus schedules, Puriscal history, sites of interest, etc.

This application was developed in order to keep users informed of the bus schedules for each route related to Puriscal.   How does the application work?

When the download Opens, wait while the data is downloaded, once the download is complete the results are on screen, if you want you can stay connected to internet but if you travel somewhere where you do not have internet but you have run your application at least once, then the data correctly can be used without any problem.

What happens with my Internet connection?

The application will be updated with the latest data, that is updated four ways:

1 – Simply start the application.

2 – When you see the app, slide your finger down and wait.

3 – If you lose the internet connection and an error message appears, click on the image, indicates no connection was shown.

4 – there is a menu bar which has an option to upgrade, click on it and wait. The information will reappear.

:  Carit, Barbacoas, Desamparaditos, Bajo Burgos, Bajo Campos. July/August 2015. There have been some recent robberies from expat homes and one violent armed home invasion/robbery in Bajo Campos.  Fortunately the woman was not injured but she is very shaken & upset. Please take all necessary precautions on your property. If you have a dog, keep it inside the house at night.  Motion sensitive exterior lights would be a good idea.  

COMMUNITY ACTION MEETING with the President of the Puriscal Commission,  the Mayor of Puriscal,  The Police Chief of Puriscal,  He may also bring the Chief from Ciudad Colon to address things because they work together on many issues.  The meeting will be held in the community room at the Catholic Church in Barbacoas on Wed. Aug. 19th at 2:00pm.  Security items;   An online news site consulted at different stores and hardware stores on the prices of some of the items needed to feel a little safer.  The list does not include an alarm or the cost of monitoring by a security company like Grupo CISA 2416-8089.  

Materials: Razor Wire ¢ 8,899 box of eight meters, 5 padlocks ¢ 104,000 (20,800 c / u),  1 motion sensor with noise ¢ 18,600, Infrared motion sensor 1 ¢ 10,800, Camera ¢ 12,000, 1 meter half inch chain ¢ 4,700, Special Security Door ¢ 315,000, Surveillance System ¢ 99,995. Plus the labor cost to install the items.

4G for free
:  qCOSTARICA) On Wednesday, the state-owned telecom, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), announced that customers may experiencesinternet and mobile phone problems for the coming few days, due to an upgrade in their systems.

The upside, for all ICE postpaid cellular customers, is an upgrade to 4G for free for the next 12 months. The promotion applies to all current postpaid customers withdata plan and new customers signing up. Prepaid customers, who purchase a data plan can also enjoy the  speed of the 4G, if they desire.

ICE, under the Kolbi brand, launched the  4G service in December 2013 and currently offers the service in over 3,121 localities across the country. To connect at the 4G, users have to have a LTE enabled smartphone and choose the 4G option from their settings.


QCOSTARICA) The low-cost Canadian airline, Westjet, announced two new non-stop flights to Costa Rica for the high tourist season that begins in December.

The first two times a week (Tuesdays and Sundays) between Toronto (YYZ)- San Jose (SJO); the second four times weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays between Calgary (YYC) and Liberia (LIR) in the province of Guanacaste. The flights will operate starting on December 15 and run to April 30, 2016.

In a statement to the press, the Costa Rica Tourism Board – Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT) – said “it is extremely important for the country, because this is the first time Costa Rica has connections to two important Canadian cities,” said Tourism Minister Mauricio Ventura.

Canada is the country with second largest number of arrivals in Costa Rica. Last year a total of 155,103 Canadians arrived by air, representing a 7.5% increase over 2013.


The Saretto supermarket in Escazú has undergone an overhaul, renewing its image, giving its customers with a new shopping experience. The store, located 300 metres east of Walmart, was once the premier supermarkets for foreigners in San José’s west end, offering up a variety of imported products that were hard to find at competitor stores.

Over the years, with the growth of chains like Automercado and the arrival of Walmart, the Saretto store became a dinosaur. On my last visit a couple of years ago, many of the shelves were bare, the lights dimmed low, it almost felt like an abandoned warehouse. But old habits die-hard and every time I drove by Los Anonos, I was tempted to stop in at Saretto, but then remembered, what for?

Today, the new Saretto is upbeat, clean, the lights are bright and the some 40 people who work in the store once again have a smile on their face and are happy to serve.  Yes sir, Saretto is back and time to renew ties with my past.  Great meats and vegetables, huge artichokes. Great wine selection and Tarrazu coffee from the Dota region.

ORGANIC PRODUCTS/FARMS:   http://upwardspirals.net/organic-directory/


For unknown reasons, the former Court house located in Puriscal had a big fire Friday afternoon, July 3, 2015.

According to information from the Operational Fire Emergency Office it was presented at 12:45 pm in front of the fire station in the area.

At the moment 200 square meters with total reported damage to the structure which was used as a stationary building.

Before the two p.m. effective Firefighters managed to control the blaze, which left only material damage.

Two firefighters had problems from heat stroke and respiratory problems but are stable.

COMPLIANTS ABOUT BUS SERVICE:  After about 60 residents of Puriscal take the facilities of the Public Transport Council (PTC), a deal in which it was determined that three inspections will be made at company units Tramayca, providing bus service between Puriscal and areas of Santa Marta, Cerbatana, Jilgueral, La Palma, Salitrales and Bocana.

The agreement was reached after a delegation was attended by Mario Zarate, director of CTP, and Mario Calderon, director of the Traffic Police. “It was agreed to make three inspections in the next 45 calendar days. Participate in these inspections ombudsmen Public Transport Council, police officers and members of the Transit Transport Committee, composed of residents of the various communities affected. The inclusion of the latter is in search of transparency in the inspection process, “said Albino Vargas, member.    Some of the complaints of service users were unjustified 130% increase in the service charge, missed schedules that cause great problems for the users. Furthermore, providing bus service in allegedly poor conditions: leaking, emergency doors tied with rope, units vary regularly, some even have been burned in the service.

R.I.P.   Hawaiian Bob….died April 16, 2015 at his home in Grifo Alto.

Puriscal will be getting a “Little Free Library” on the west side of Central Park in Puriscal. On April 25th at 9:30am  we will have a story teller and a “grand opening”. Please join us.  Contact Jessica Peck 8565 1115 or Hazel 6127-3870 for more information.  We are looking for donations to help support this great project.  Books (novels) in Spanish, Kids books, Books in English. You can drop them at pharmacy Puriscal.

Costa Rica’s coffee growers have two years to phase out dangerous pesticide.

March 31, 2015. (InsideCostaRica.com) A degree signed by Pres. Solis as well as the ministers of agriculture, environment, health and labor will give Costa Rica’s coffee growers the next 24 months to phase out the use of a highly toxic pesticide known as endosulfan.  More than 80 countries have already banned the chemical.

March 12, 2015: Turrialba volcano erupts 4 times. A NOTE FOR VEHICLE OWNERS: Presently there is a large amount of particulate matter (volcanic dust) in the air in some parts of Costa Rica.  Vehicle owners should be aware that this dust can clog engine air filters and damage engines internally.  If you should notice a decrease in engine performance, have your mechanic check and clean, better replace, the engine air filter.  The fine dust is abrasive so if it has been some time since your last oil and filter change it might also be a good idea to have it changed in the next week or so.  The dust can also clog the cabin air filters used in later model cars.  If the A/C performance (air flow) seems to be less than it should be, have that checked also.  

SJO now offers discounted long-term parking.

Frequent users of the Juan Santamaría International Airport, Costa Rica’s main terminal, can now pay discounted long-term parking rates. The new rates took effect in late February.

Following an increase last October of the hourly rate — from $2.14 to $2.48 — the Aviation Administration‘s Technical Council recommended setting two new long-term rates of $35 per day and $200 per week.

For those paying the daily rate, the cost per hour is now $1.45, representing a 41-percent discount. Users paying weekly rates will pay $1.19 per hour, a 52-percent discount. Parking rates also can be paid in Costa Rican colones, according to the daily exchange rate reported by the Central Bank.

The Kamakiri swim & adventure park near Pali now offers a rock climbing wall and a canopy zip line for adventure.


He toured part of the new national park, La Cangreja, in Santa Rosa de Puriscal. The canton holds two native reserves,  Zapatón and Quitirrisí.  

The area has not made a smooth transition from agricultural breadbasket to the present economy.
Solís said that the canton has a high potential for tourism development which locals hope will reactivate the economy and generate jobs. Expats already have discovered this area and the access it provides to beaches and the city life. Rentals and home purchases appear to be more reasonable than in some other expat communities.  President Solís visited that area and spoke highly of the possibilities for increased tourism and employment. He toured part of the new national park, La Cangreja, in Santa Rosa de Puriscal. The canton holds two native reserves,  Zapatón and Quitirrisí.  The president said that he would give instructions to transport officials to maintain continually the highway, Ruta 239, connecting La Palma and Parrita. 

NEW RESTAURANT IN SANTA ANA: Tap House Costa Rica. Craft beers and good food. 100 meters East of Bacchus Restaurant.                   https://www.facebook.com/TapHouseCR

The National Highway Council (CONAVI) announced that the bailey bridge  located in the “old road to Quepos” (Route 239) in the Las Palmas de Puriscal was installed and is open.

The installation of the bridge is due to a mudslide last November 9 and required the intervention of the institution.

The bridge is enabled for vehicles weighing less than 40 tons.                                                                                                                                                                

The Conavi conducts studies to determine the final solution to be implemented later.

HOW TO RECEIVE CANADIAN PENSIONS: Your pension is deposited in Canada and you can access it via the ATM.   It could take a while for you to establish a bank account here. You can keep a bank account in Canada, but as a ‘non-resident for tax purposes’ you cannot have ANY property in your name. Your pensions and RRSP’s will then have a 25% holding tax.

Realize, it could take well over a year to gain legal residency in Costa Rica


People who wish to renew their driver’s license can do so three months before the expiration date of the license.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) makes it clear to all users who wish to renew, there is no need to wait for the license to expire before renewal.  Remember that you will need a “dicatamen medica.”


AIRPORT TAX; Better check with your airline.December 3rd, ushers in a new era in Costa Rica air travel, a day when the airport exit tax is included in the purchase price the air ticket, as it is done at most airports around the globe.  HOWEVER…Dec.4th….It had been announced that, starting December 3, the airlines would include the departure tax at Costa Rica’s international airport in the airfare. But, in reality it won’t be until February next year, saId the president of the Asociación de Líneas Aéreas (ALA) – Airline Association, Mario Zamora. Making the situation worse is that each airline will decide on the date when it will start doing so, most saying they plan on adopting the measure after the end of the year-end travel season.


 RESIDENTS of Puriscal are looking for Spanish language tutors. If you can recommend a Spanish teacher, please contact the Puriscal Times.

The Fundación Cadena Mayor (Seniors Foundation) presented Tuesday a new icon to identify spaces and services for seniors in the country.   The iconography, a blue box with 65+ in white and yellow lettering, replaces the blue box with a symbol of a person with a cane.  The new icon will be used to identify preferential seats on buses, lines at for seniors at banks, health centres and public recreation spaces, for example. The Cadena Mayor says the new logo avoids the discriminatory message of the old logo.  http://cadenamayor.org/ (under construction)

Parque Viva in Costa Rica.  Parque Viva was open to the press yesterday. This park is a transformation of the old racetrack in Guácima, Alajuela. It’s new purpose is as an entertainment venue that will promote culture and sports for the whole greater metropolitan area.   In 1974 the area was used for Central America’s largest motorcycling event. Now it’s being converted into a field and complex for everything from sports to business.  The amphitheater will be able to hold 16,000, some sitting and some standing. They will hold fairs and competitions there. The local and international entertainment industry is going crazy over the immense space for concerts and the like. Bliss Entertainment is the park’s administrator. They will work on management, food sales and production of activities. They seek to make the park the best entertainment venue in the country. There will be a track for running and cycling, a plaza, food and beverage options, a giant parking lot (for 6,000), reforested areas and specialized sound towers to maximize the quality of sound resonance in the amphitheater. This facility will have backstage production offices and dressing rooms and backup generators strong enough to power the whole park. The park’s been under construction for three months so far and should open by March or April. Conventions, fairs, expos and corporate meetings are already being planned for the location.

Good drivers get license discounts.  The driver’s license agency has a deal for good drivers. Those who renew a license and who have not accumulated more than four points due to traffic violations get the license at half price. That is 5,000 colons. In addition, good drivers are able to renew a license for six years. On the other hand, drivers who accumulate more than four points have to pay 10,000 colons, about $19. And they can renew for just four years. They also have to go to a driver safety course. A driver can earn a quick four points by going through a red light or failing to keep a child in an appropriate car seat. Licensing officials also said that the agency will now accept renewals three months before a license expires.

ATENAS FILM FESTIVAL: http://atenascine.com/

TAI CHI: The Taoist Tai Chi Association of Costa Rica is offering introductory classes to the internal arts of health beginning Jan. 7 at the Grecia Cultural Center, from 10 a.m. to noon and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.   The movements of Tai Chi Taoísta are designed to restore health naturally and maintain good physical, mental and spiritual condition, said the organization.  Those interested can call 8308-9726.  www.taoist.org and http://costarica.taoist.org. 

DRIVING TO THE AIRPORT?: The two-lane Santa Ana-Belén highway will be widened to five lanes, the Consejo de Nacional de Vialidad said Monday. The entire job will be $34 million, said the Consejo.   The job includes replacing four bridges, including one of 180 meters (about 590 feet) over the Río Virilla. The work is scheduled to begin in January with the relocation of public utilities in advance of road work. As of April 12th, little work has started.  The distance is two kilometers, about 1.24 miles. This section of roadway carried about 31,500 vehicles a day. There is an alternate route taking hwy. 27 at Piedades and exiting at the Coyol exit, and then heading North to connect with hwy. 1 North of SJO.  

Kamakiri Recreational Center. Mon: 6am – 10pm, closed Tuesdays, Wed.-Sundays 6am – 10pm.  Tel. 2416-2175 Email; kamakiri@outlook.com   https://www.facebook.com/kamakiripuriscal    38 meter water slide, heated swimming pool, fast food restaurant, soccer field, beach volleyball court, basketball, green areas, play area for kids, rooms for parties.  Directions are from PALI 100 mts. North, 100 mts. East. Entrance: 4.000 adults, 2.500 ‘seniors’ and kids 4-12. Futbol 5 10.000/hour, beach volleyball court 4.000/hour. Physical therapy membership 25.000.  Contact puriscaltimes@gmail.com for photos.

WALMART coming to Puriscal.  The location will be on the corner in front of the Casa de Ande/MOPT, at the intersection of the road to Barbacoas – Orotina.  Looks like demolition of the old buildings has started.  Quite a bit of controversy going on at the municipalidad about the construction of a MAXI PALI. 

ECOLOGY: Fundacion Ecotropica, http://www.fecotropica.com/ 2416-6359        Butterfly farm, store offering biodegradable products, camping opportunities.     Located 25 meters East of Banco Popular, next to the pulperia. Ecotrópica Foundation based in Santiago de Puriscal is a nonprofit institution founded by professionals, technicians and residents of the Central region in order to create and strengthen mechanisms to achieve a rational and sustainable management of natural resources.  The small butterfly farm is located 400 meters before the hospital in El Estero, next to the recycling center. It is open from 7am – 12pm

 Construction has begun in Mercedes Norte by constructora Salazar of the home for the care of boys and girls under the age of 7.  It will eventually be able to house children up to 12 years of age.  The lot measures 2 acres and the plan is to house up to 75 children in need, supported by IMAS.  This represents a step and a challenge to which the community of Puriscal is prepared to fully comply to help the most vulnerable of the local population.

DID YOU KNOW?  The mayor of Puriscal is Manuel Espinoza Campos.  Apparently the municipalidad of Puriscal has a budget deficit of $600,000.00  In the opinion of the internal auditor, Lic. Carlos Torres Quesada, there is a problem with the reported income & expenses of the city.  In the auditor’s opinion, the final accounting of 2011 was a disaster, and 2012 is also questionable.  This means that the deficits for 2013 could reach $1,000,000.00  The auditor recommends a thorough  investigation and that reports be given to the city council every 3 months.