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February 18, 2018

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Disclaimer: The Puriscal newsletter accepts no liability for the content of this website and/or any emails sent from our server, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing.  Since we are not a commercial venture we reserve the right to reject individual paid ads based on the value and reputation of their products & services to our readers and the mission.  The businesses listed may not be recommended by this site, nor are their business practices being endorsed.   However, some of the listings have been recommended by readers and those have an asterisk. We consider the listings to be a “starting point” and all readers should do their own due diligence and research.     Caveat Emptor.


AA meetings: http://www.costaricaaa.com/  San Jose 2222-1880
English meetings in Puriscal: contact Fred at 8866-0128

ACCOUNTANT: *Lic. Francisco Castillo, 8711-2582, castillofrco05@hotmail.com

Airport SJO Transportation: taxis charge about $60 from Puriscal.  CARBUS can be contacted at 2288-6633/6644 & reservaciones@carbus.co.cr, $70 SJO to Puriscal.

ADVENTURE TOUR:  https://www.oceanranchpark.com/    Near Jaco Beach.

ADVERTISING/MARKETING/VIDEOS/PHOTOGRAPHY:  videos, social media marketing, photography & websites that generate sales, increase traffic, & promote your business brand.  Weddings, baptisms, graduation, commercial work, real estate, promotional, and family portraits .  I also work with a Drone and a 360 camera for home tours, websites, facebook 360 images, and Google maps business.   Contact Louis Hernandez in Puriscal at; 2416-2281 & 7169-1729, email <louish.zvic@gmail.com>,   https://www.facebook.com/PuraFotosCR

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY:  www.skyvusocialmedia.com

AIRPORT PARKING: Long term parking near SJO airport, about 15 mins./15 kms. Located at the Coyol exit off Hwy. 27, or Hwy. 1. Contact Luis, he operates “Luis Parking” and speaks English. $2.00 per day, no minimum and no maximum time. Car wash available. Airport pickup & drop-off $10.00.   Email: luisparking@gmail.com and tels. 8549-4608  2487-7402.  Call for current rates.

Another option…..https://www.facebook.com/parquocercaaeropuerto/

In Alajuela, http://margaritaguesthouse.blogspot.com/   $20.00 per week.

  La Garita,  You can now see the website at www.villamargarita.info & you can make reservations at bookings@margarita.info or by calling 506-8390-2132. $1.00 per day if you stay for one night, or $3.00 per day if you just leave the vehicle.

AIR CONDITIONING:  * Multiclima S.A.  www.multiclimacr.com
*Ing. Rodrigo Quesada Kaver, 2249-1607 / 8384-3604,    aireconfort44@hotmail.com                                                                                                                               Cool Touch National Co SR.  San Jose Costa Rica…
refrigeration, air conditioner inf (sales & repair), automobile air conditioning repair. Contact; Jose Pablo Rojas Chaves: General Manager    cooltouchcompany@gmail.com            2294-7709   8320-6836   8877-8083           recommended                            Automobiles in Ciudad Colon,  Aireconfort  . Tel: 2249 1607 / 8384 3604

APPLIANCE REPAIR: VOLTROM, WHATSAPP 8949-0672, Puriscal.  www.refrigeracionvoltrom.jimdo.com estamos calle al ctp de puriscal  2416 0110                                                                                                                                                                                                               Electrónica Díaz centro de reparación, especialistas en reparación de LED, LCD, Plasma, todo lo electrónico que ocupes reparar somos su solución.  www.electronicadiaz.com
muchas gracias y bendiciones. Santa Ana Tel 2282-1760     Ciudad Colon 2249-1875      Whatsapp 70045760.                                                                                              

ALARMS:  Grupo CISA Seguridad, 2416-0356, www.cisaseguridad.com                                                                           http://www.globalqsa.com/  Cameras, sirens, alarms. 2237-8019                                                                                                      *PROARSA SA. 2265-7325. The very professional salesman that helped me was Jorge Corrales V. proarsa@racsa.co.cr                                                                                                                                                                                        *Douglas, San Jose, all costa rica; repairs, sales, wireless, CCTV, IP cameras,  8393-3513 English, email is: dugalde@soportecr.com      http://www.soportecr.com/

ANIMAL RESCUE: Spaying/neutering-adoptions-foster homes. Dra. Laura Villegas 2417-0011, Blanca Moran at the hardware store in front of Bco. Nacional 2416-8270.    Facebook- “amigos del zawate puriscal”.

SENASA Costa Rica Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal.             Barreal de Heredia Costa Rica de Jardines del Recuerdo 1KM al oeste y 400 metros al Norte en el Campus Universitario Benjamin Nuñez     Central Telefónica 2587-1600, 2260-8300.  Email; info@senasa.go.cr                                                                                                                                                                                             http://www.defensaanimal.net/



APPLE APPS FOR CR……  Available in English.                                                                                                                                                                              MAP;  https://itunes.apple.com/cr/app/bigguide-costa-rica-map-+/id1103749073?l=en&mt=8

TOURISM;  https://itunes.apple.com/cr/app/a-turistear/id775345554?l=en&mt=8

TRANSLATOR:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smartmobilesoftware.voicetranslatorfree&hl=en

ROADS;  https://itunes.apple.com/tr/app/ruta-alterna/id1116470365?mt=8

WAZE;  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/waze-gps-navigation-maps-social/id323229106?mt=8

PETS;  https://itunes.apple.com/cr/app/petsapp-costa-rica/id646997419?l=en&mt=8

BIRDS:  https://itunes.apple.com/cr/app/birdsounds-costa-rica-lite/id594476979?l=en&mt=8

RESTAURANTS: https://itunes.apple.com/cr/app/ticoexpress/id580236990?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

ID TREES:  https://itunes.apple.com/lc/app/ojeadores/id1030536491?mt=8

AQUARIUM PURISCAL:   tel. 500-74747.  From the taxis by the park, 470 meters West towards Carit.

ARCHITECTS: Engr. Mainor Rojas Calderon, email…msajor@racsa.co.cr, tel. 2416-4262, 8815-0551, 50 meters South of Agro-Comercial Puriscal in town.

ART  MATERIALShttp://www.artdepotcr.net/,  Escazu across from World Gym, Plaza Natura. Paints, brushes, tools, supplies, canvas, easels, etc.

ATV TOURS:  Jaco Beach and Manuel Antonio, Tel. 8412-3125, email…businessadventure20@yahoo.com

AUTOMOTIVE PARTS:  Servicentro Araya, 2416-5691, gas, tires, in front of Seguro Soc.                                                                                           Rhino Lining for you pickup bed.   http://www.gedsoluciones.com/rhino.html  2262-3605 in Heredia.                            Estación/service station San Juan 2417 5515                                                                                                                                                      Don’t have the name….. 2249-6201, 8860-0861                                                                                   
*Autoparts Chico, Bo. Carmen diagonal UNED, 2417-0705, 2417-0758, Francisco Madrigal.           

AUTO BODY REPAIR:  *Christian Cubillo 2416-2235


*Mechanica MK, Diego Chavez, Bo. El Carmen (center of Puris), 2416-6179, 2416-5656 English

Giovani…. 8707-0090,  he lives in San Juan , cel tel. 8434-9187
He is our mechanic and he is excellent.  Peter K.

Gas station San Juan, past Bco. Nacional, 2416-5161 & 2417-1555

*Mechanica Kejisma, Kevin Chaves-bilingual, 2416-6179.

    Auto Electric A&K, 2416-0896, 250 meters SW of Junquillo Arriba school.

**Santa Ana; Taller Hernandez, Randall & Ericka, Spanish 2203-2180.


AUTO SALES:  http://www.crautos.com/  When buying a vehicle, have a mechanic check it first.  Also, get the VIN number and check with www.carfax.com  and  http://www.certifi-car.com/  and also    http://www.consultesuvin.com/

BACKHOE SERVICES: Ramon, “Moncho”, 8365-2434, 2416-6922

WEBER BBQ; http://crgrills.com/  Pedro Morales, 8883-64519

BEAUTY SALON:  Genesis salon & spa, 8913-9846, 50 meters West of Taxis.

BIRDING: http://birdingcraft.com/wordpress/   http://www.avesdecostarica.org/   Also Rich Lobert at richlobert@gmail.com       http://ebird.org/content/camerica/                   Costa Rica has over 900 different species of birds. Many of them can be found in the southern Pacific coast community of Uvita on the Osa Peninsula. Ecotourism specialists are now putting together programs that would offer bird watching tours to the thousands of visitors who come to the area each year to enjoy the diversity of plants and animals.   Bird-watching is among the fastest-growing tourist activities in the world, according to ICT research. Bird-watching tourists traveling outside their countries spend on average $3,000 in a usual stay of some 15 days. 

BLOGS:       http://www.livinglifeincostarica.info/

http://ticoquest.wordpress.com/                                                                                                         http://gringocentralsanramon.blogspot.com/



BOOKS: “Little Free Library” in the central park, Jessica Peck 8565-1115, Hazel 6127-3870.


 The Ticos, Culture and Social Change in Costa Rica.  Mavis Biesanz, Lynne Rienner Publications 1999.

Fred Holmes, Author of “How to Live in Costa Rica on $1500 a Month”, e-book $3.99.

www.costaricaholmes.com   or   http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/120623

Check out the legal book store at: www.costaricalaw.com

Liberia Judith, in front of the taxis, Puriscal.

Good Light books, center of Alajuela, 2430-4083, www.goodlightbooks.com

A year in paradise?…you can order a presale copy of “South of Normal” at  www.normschriever.com

BOTANICAL GARDENS: Sarchihttp://www.elsegarden.com/en/the-garden/the-gardens                                                                                              Lankester Gardens: Cartago    http://www.jbl.ucr.ac.cr/php/inicio/inicio.php                                                                                                    Jaco Beach area;  http://www.puravidagarden.com/                                                                                                                                       La Garita, Alajuela;  http://www.orchidgardencr.com/home.html

** Christian “Tito” Quiros Monge, 2416-5406, 8822-7413, Junquilla Arriba
+Franklin Granados, 8879-9196
+Luis Gomez 8365-5297

CABINETRY: *Muebleria Hermanos Villalobos, Desamparaditos Puriscal. Oldemar 8882-8248. Email;muebleriahnosvilla@gmail.com                                                            

http://www.muebleamerica.com/    Guachipelin, Santa Ana.

Mon. – Fri. 6am – 5pm  Sat. 6am-noon.  Located in Desamparditos, past Carit. About 6 kms. From the taxi  stand/central park.  He just finished the Costa Rican Tennis Club.  He can send photos of his work, and he has someone who speaks English.

*ULISES: 8833-6853. Cabinets, furniture, buildings,homes.

* Diego Mora Lopez, Bo. San Isidro, 8346-1032.

Cable TV: CTV Cable Vision 2416-8181, 2416-7516

CAKES ; for all ocassions, cupcakes, mini-cakes. Ana Artavia 2416-6759.                                                                                                          La Casa del Queque Puriscal tel.   85 80 83 56.  50 m oeste del cruce de San Juan.                                                                                        Gael’s Bakery, tel. 8705-7241.  Facebook                                                                                                                                                                      DeliTicos Costa Rica. 200mts sur de la Escuela de Junquillo Arriba, Puriscal,  2416 5951                                                                              Reposteria Sauge, 8715-1656, Facebook                                                                                                                                                    **Homemade pastries: Stella Bermudez Vargas, owner y Chef at Chef en Solera Artesanal , catering y pastelería, Bo. Santa Cecilia, 50 meters past MINAET.  On Facebook,  Cheesecake de fresa 🍓 100% artesanal selection of flavors: strawberry, Maracuya, Limón, Blueberry, Piña 🍍 colada, Chocolate
For orders call  8511-0696 ór 893-01718.  Facebook

CANADA: http://www.fundacioncostaricacanada.org/index.php/home

The Costa Rica-Canada Foundation has over a 25-year record of service and commitment to the pursuit of improved quality of life of people in Costa Rica.

CANADIAN  TRAVEL INSURANCE: http://www.medipac.com/     http://www.snowbirds.org/home

CANADIAN taxes on pensions & benefits:

CARS:  Buying a used car? be very careful in when shopping as a lot of the used cars have odometers rolled back, or vehicles that were an insurance write off in the states. Or the seller claims to be the only owner, just to find out they were many previous owners. Contact  http://www.certifi-car.com/  for a thorough vehicle inspection and background check.  Tel. 2222-2442

CATERING:  Pastry, Stella Bermundez Vargas, Santiago de Puriscal. Tels. 8511-0696 ó 8930-1718.  Dueña y Chef at Chef en Solera Artesanal , catering y pastelería.  Photos on Facebook.

CELL PHONES: iPhone repair,* Allan Monge 8980-7948, www.laboratorioiphone.com

CERAMICAS:  Beautiful handmade, custom pieces. Norman Quiros in Desamparaditos, 2416-7718, 8890-3260, Spanish, call for appointment.



CHICHARRONES: Central de Carnes Puriscal, 2416-7310

CHOCOLATE: organic, www.sibuchocolate.com

In Matastal, Puriscal, about an hour southwest of San José, Juan José Ramirez, a small a farmer is attempting to pursuade other farmers to once again grow cocoa in the region. Ramirez and other growers said they lack funding and government support.

 CIGARS: premium, handmade in Puriscal. You can contact us at, puriscaltimes@gmail.com                                                                 Made at Tabacos de Costa Rica.  The tobacco farm in Santa Marta is now called Tabacos Orellana.       http://www.cigaraficionado.com/                                      http://www.cigargeeks.com/                                                                         www.cigarsofcostarica.com                                                         

Clothing/apparel: Teenagers Store, 2416-7312, 25 meters West of Taxis.

CLASSIC CARS:  https://www.facebook.com/AutosAntiguosCostaRica?fref=photo

CLUBS:  see “News & Events” page.

COMPUTER REPAIR:  * PC’s in Santa Ana, Softech Technologias, 2203-6127,  8837-3471
*http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yeco-SA/116240391743062     English

Apple/Mac repairs:

Dr. Mac. (authorized Apple dealer) in San Jose.  Apparently very reliable and easily obtains parts.  Tel. 8848-2424 / 2222-5850.

COMMUNITY SECURITY:  info & ideas;  www.actionalliancecr.com

COMPOST:   California worm humus….., compost for plants of excellent quality produced by VIDDA Project, youth and adults with disabilities in Puriscal, our number is 8332-5914 thank you.

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT RENTAL Segura, 2416-7836, 8395-5695, Junquillo Arriba Ruta 239.

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: Macho Cruz 2416-6006.  Cedral 75 mts. from the park 2416-6062.

COOKING SCHOOL:  Escuela de Cocina Sabor y Arte, Puriscal centro. Diana Isabel Madrigal Garro, Tel. 7206-9186 / 6056-0521.        https://www.facebook.com/diana.madrigal.509?fref=nf

DANCE: Blooms, ‘The One Billion Rising’ Campaign: Membership inquiries are welcomed at 2444-8796 or by email to  dewar@casadewar.com

DANCE LESSONS: For all those interested in learning Latin and popular dances, starting a new beginners group on Tuesday and Wednesday 8: PM
Come and enjoy the 2 x1 in in the first month bringing your friend.  Facebook; Academia de Baile Deyabú Puriscal, located in San Antonio, Tel. 6059-8539

 Clinica Dr. Franklin Mora, next to the park, 2416-7278, drfranklinmora@hotmail.com

Dra. Diana fernandez, calle a barbacoas, santiago 8963-2440
It is on the left hand side going to barbacoas a little past maxi pali.

*Dr. Alejandro Cespedes, near Hospital Mexico in San Jose, 8720-5393, some  English.

DISCOUNTED MEDICAL SERVICES:  http://www.medismart.net/  MediSmart is a Prepaid Medical Plan that offers a wide range of medical services through the Metropolitan Hospital, with toppings that will save up to 80% of your bill. MediSmart is a company of Grupo Montecristo.  Monthly basic plans from $12.00


DERMATOLOGIST:  * Dr. Victor Fallas Granados, Escazu, 2289-8648
Dr. Benjamin Hidalgo Matlock, CIMA hospital, 2208-8206, bhidalgo@gmail.com, English                             

DOG ADOPTION:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Territorio-de-Zaguates-Oficial/1459982774272974  Alajuela 8815-2514.  Territorio de Zaguates is located in Heredia Province, just east of the Alajuela Province line near Barva Volcano. Hikes are offered on March 4, 5, 18 and 19. Arrive at 8:45 a.m. in your own car. Call 8815-2514 (Alvaro) or email lyabattleb@gmail.com  ( Lya).

DOG BOARDING: Pet Garden, Dra. Carolina Calderon, English. Located along the road to Barbacoas, 2416-8837 & 8332-1274. She has rooms for 16 dogs, 5000 colones per day and you provide the food for your pet. clinica.dracarolinacalderon@gmail.com        www.carolina.vidamascr.com

DOG FOOD: Kirkland dog food is a private label brand made for CostCo and it can sometimes be found in Costa Rica at Pricesmart. Kirkland has a very good reputation with dog breeders and dog show exhibitors, and many people say they have been feeding the food for years with good results. Kirkland’s foods are designed to compete with premium dog foods at a lower cost. They contain no corn, soy, or wheat; and they have no animal digest, by-products, or artificial preservatives.  I found it to be half the price of name brands in local supermarkets.

DOG GROOMING:                                                                                                        

DUTCH in CR:   club Holandes  http://www.clubholandescr.com/                                                                                         

ELECTRICIANS: * Eugenio Cespedes 8446-9643.    *Also…Diego Delgados 8640-8389 lddelgados@hotmail.com                                      Electrical Engineer, approved by ICE: Alexander Mora Fallas, 2416-4029, alexmoraf@gmail.com                                                               Francisco Salazer Sanchez  8984-9129

ECOLOGY: Fundacion Ecotropica, http://www.fecotropica.com/ 2416-6359        Butterfly farm, store offering biodegradable products, camping opportunities.     Located 25 meters East of Banco Popular, next to the pulperia.

EGGS:  farm fresh, free range chicken eggs…not factory chickens.  The eggs are white. 1.500 colones/$2.75 kilo.  Contact Mario Esquivel in Pozos de Puriscal, tel. 8613-8319 Spanish only





ENGLISH CLASSES: http://jumpstartcostarica.org/inicio/en/  Making a difference for Costa Rican children.  JumpStart Costa Rica offers free, intensive English camps to Costa Rican students and hands-on professional development to public-school teachers in rural and low-income urban areas, in order to address educational inequality and create new academic and professional opportunities for underserved youth.

EQUESTRIAN CENTER: http://establosanrafael.com/horses/

FACEBOOK: ‘amigos del zawate puriscal’..FACEBOOK Groups in CR: Expatriates in Costa Rica, the expat’s guide to Costa Rica, Costa Rica Insider, Thing’s to do in Costa Rica, Costa Rica by bus, Gringo Gardeners in Costa Rica, Costa Rica poker, Costa Rica Gringo Classifieds, Personal Care for Gringos in Costa Rica, Texans in Costa Rica, Food in Costa Rica, Puriscal Times..

 FARMERS MARKET:  Friday afternoons 4pm -9pm – Saturday mornings 6am – 1pm, downtown by the Catholic temple/high school.

FISH DISTRIBUTOR: San Ramon; Fernandez/Alexander Fernandez, 8325-0057 / 2447-7341 / mimarisco@hotmail.com   Here’s what one of our members says, “Some neighbors introduced us to a absolutely great fish distributor in San Ramon.  They have everything lobster tails, crabs, salmon, catfish, shrimp, etc.  Some fresh and most flash frozen.  600 meters east of the Laboratorio school on the road to San Isidro.  It looks like a house when you drive in but you will see the dozen freezers and the workers if you go in the driveway.”

FOOD DISTRIBUTORS:   Public is welcome.      http://www.oceanicfoods.cr/              http://www.belcacr.com/

FURNITURE: In Sarchi; Adolfo Aries, 2454-3927 / 8831-4306, owner of “Fine Furniture” in Sarchi, created Judy’s new kitchen.  The cabinets were very well made and very attractive.  He also made her an incredible wicker/wooden sleep sofa, a hand carved painted bureau and coffee table.  The quality of his work is absolutely outstanding.  If anyone has any questions, be sure to call Judy at 8307-9059.
In Puriscal, Muebleria Las Magnolias. Large selection of furniture, beds, from Sarchi made with Guanacaste wood. Tel. 2416-7303, located on main road coming into Puriscal on the right, on the corner in front of the high school and half a block from the Saturday market place.
ALSO See listings under “Cabinetry.”

FURNITURE CLEANER:  sofas, chairs, auto upholstery, rugs. Ronald Monge, 8848-8695, also on Facebook.

FUNERAL SERVICES:  Funeraria La Asuncion  2416-6671  8322-7363

FUMIGATION SERVICES:  https://www.facebook.com/fumigacionsoscr/


GARDNER:  8863-2556  2.500 colones per hour.

GARDEN SUPPLIES:  Vivero in San Juan past the school, 2416-4560.  Garden, agriculture, livestock supplies; Agro Comercial “Macho Cruz” on the corner diagonal to SuperMora, 2416-6006

GIFTS:   Holalola products include posters, coffee mugs, stationery, tote bags, and many other items featuring whimsical depictions of Costa Rica. For your friends, family and yourself!  http://www.holalolashop.com/                    Holalola is a gift and stationery brand based in Costa Rica by local illustrator Priscilla Aguirre. Her illustrations capture the magic of Costa Rica’s favorite spots and culture and the LOVE of traveling.

GLASS SHOPS:  Vidrios Estrubal, 2416-4262, in town 50 meters South of Agro-Comercial Puriscal (Macho Cruz).

GOLF:  Los Reyes, Valle del Sol, Cariari Country Club, Los Suenos, Los Defines, & Escazu Country Club.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Roger Madrigal, Total Print, 2288-3204 Escazu. In Puriscal 8712-8193, email is; rambspider@yahoo.com.                                                                                                                                                                                            SG graficas in Ciudad Colon, Carolina Alpizar Nunez, 8540-2248.  Biz cards, flyers, design work, signs, adhesive stickers, mugs, t-shirts, uniforms, etc. email is sgsolucionesgraficascr@gmail.com                                                                                                                     

GUITARS: custom handmade guitars, repairs of guitars, violins, banjos…any instrument with strings.  Barrio San Isidro near the cigar factory. Oriundo de Bajo Badillas…over 40 yrs. of experience. 2416-4992.


Mr. Paul Furlong in Atenas offers a 3 day course for $260.00.  He will teach you to shoot and react correctly under various stress situations. Includes “mental set”, and details of presenting a weapon that will make you dangerous to anyone intending you harm.  English/Spanish, flexible schedule of classes, help with CCP. Call Paul at 2446-0543 or 8898-9398, Fuzzlong@gmail.com, http://shootright.blogspot.com/

Poligono de Tiro CDC, http://poligonocdc.com/Take the written, practical and the pyscological test in the same day.

GYMS:  Alpha fitness 2417-1210, 150 meters West of Cruz Roja. Spinning, cardio, zumba, weights, aerobics, dance classes.                                       Zumba Fitness Puriscal,  Max Angulo 8329-0001, 1.000 colones per class, facebook; zumba con Puris

HANDBAGS, WALLETS, PURSES:  custom made with different materials.  Elena Campo, Junquillo Arriba, 8567-5476

HEALTH INSURANCE:  private…http://www.palig.com/latin-america/costa-rica   Santa Ana Forum I                  Canadian TRAVEL INSURANCE: http://www.medipac.com/                                                                                    BlueCross BlueShield: https://www.seguros506.com/

HELPER/GO-FOR:  *Macho 2416-6083 / 8390-3987 Spanish only. 

 *Dennis Bermudez, bilingual, 6222-3979. Email; denishola1@hotmail.com

*ASK ANGELO: For additional information and description of charges call 506-6008-4133, marisalazar334@gmail.com

HIKING CLUBS: 2223-3186, 6010-0048, 2511-1811, 2229-0809 (see article in “Potpourri”).

HOME DECORATIONS:  Beautiful hand carved wooden decorations, hand painted. https://www.facebook.com/Decotallas/?fref=ts

Orlando Ledezma Arley, 2454-4590, 8820-2560, Email…f.orlandoledezma@gmail.com

HORSEBACK RIDING TREKS: https://barkinghorsefarm.com/  Nine different rides to choose from!  Directions; Pass through Ciudad Colon and head straight up the mountains towards Puriscal. Follow the winding road for about 25 minutes. Before you get to the center of Puriscal you will pass through the intersection of San Antonio (stop light). About 2kms. further, going down the hill you will see a ‘large commercial store’ on your left. Turn left immediately after this business. Do not go up the road into Puriscal. Follow this road down, down straight until it turns to a gravel road. Stay straight on the gravel road, past the cemetery. Bear left at a y union, following the signs towards Floralia. Go down for another 1/2 mile until you see a lone house where a road turns off to the left. There is a sign there that says Punta De Lanza with an arrow to the left. Take this left, a hard, hairpin left turn. We are the second entrance on the left hand side up on this road. Look for the horses, a brown wooden fence and a hay shed at the entrance. We are working on a new sign.  Tel. 2416-3869

HOT SPRINGS:     http://www.termalesdelbosque.com/    $12.00                               http://baldicostarica.com/            http://www.hotelrioperlascr.com/  Orosi Valley, Cartago;

HOME CONSTRUCTION:  http://www.concrepal.com/?lang=es…hese are pre-fabricated, one story homes.                                                               Custom  Builder Christian Quiros 8822-7413 Spanish, contact Puriscal Times for reference.


House for rent in the center of town, one week $378.00, completely furnished,1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Condo, spectacular view within walking distance to town. Contact Glen Engman at 1-781-284-6145, email is theontarget@earthlink.net   No pets, no smoking.  Photos here:


Cabinas Balneario Santa Marta, Mercedes Sur, Puriscal. 2416-3015. Swimming pool, bar, restaurant, cabins.  Best Chifrio that I have had in Costa Rica.  Very reasonable prices. Wi-Fi                       FACEBOOK; https://www.facebook.com/centroturistico.santamarta

Establo San Rafael; http://establosanrafael.com/

www.lasalturas.wordpress.com  Patsy & Bob 2417-1134

http://www.amatierra.com/   Yoga retreats

Cabanas en Suenos, bungalows in Junquillo Arriba, Guillermo Segura; 2416-8860, Email cabanas_ensueno@hotmail.com                  https://www.facebook.com/cabanasensuenos.puriscal/?hc_location=ufi

Barbacoas; Lamar Arney at Bosquito Verde, studio cabin $50/night. 2417-3123, lamararney@gmail.com

Rancho Montezumo…hotel, cabins, swimming pool, in Le Legua, Puriscal.  https://www.facebook.com/Centro-Turistico-Montezumo-536503379795443/. www.ranchomontezumo.com, montezumo06@yahoo.com, Tel. 2416-3035, 8561-3135.

Grifo Alto; Jose Reid at Finca las Mariposas, 8604-7552, $35/night – rustic. fincalasmariposas2013@hotmail.com

https://www.facebook.com/CabanasSanj/?hc_location=ufi   Tel. 2416-5824, Barrio San Felipe in San Juan

HYDRAULIC HOSES;  trucks, tractors, autos. Central de Mangueras S.A
Puriscal, Barrio los Ángeles, next to Credimuebles, call 2416-3838 o 8498-8716


INSURANCE:   http://garrettbrokers.com/

ITALIAN PRODUCTS: pastas, cheeses, meats, wines, oil, cookies, candy, soups, etc. DELITALIA, 2239-0326, 8am – 4:45pm M-F and 8am – 11:45 Saturdays. Calle Potrerillos, large intersection between Panasonic and the large bridge heading into Santa Ana. About 2 kms. West in front of Holcim, driveway on the left.

INTERNET:  Some residents have service with Metro Wireless.  Their website is in Spanish,  http://www.metrowirelesscr.com/               Office in Santa Ana, Tel. 2204-7444

We are not the cheapest service on the block, and bargain hunters will find little here. Yes, if your looking for business class service at your home or office and have to be able to depend on it’s reliability, then CRWIFI Ltda. will exceed your needs.   http://crwifi.com/index.html       Our clients will tell you that for reliability, support, billing, uptime, and consistent speeds that CRWIFI is by far the best Internet service provider they have ever had.  Some service available in the Barbacoas – Desamparaditos areas.

JEWELRY STORES:  Joyeria Orlando Saborio, 2416-6143, South side of the park, in front of the taxis.

KIDS PARTY DECORATIONS/ETC:  Fiesta Magica, Party Supply & Rental Shop in Santiago 2417-0335, Facebook .  Distribuidora K-Nela by ICE 2417 0320


*Licda. Roxana Chavarria A., 8706-6185, 2416-4869, 100 meters West of Bco. Popular in Puriscal, her assistant speaks   English, email; r.chavarria@crlegal.com

   **Attorney Richard (Rick) Philps is a Canadian citizen, naturalized as a citizen of Costa Rica. Rick practiced law in Victoria, B.C.,                       Canada. Lic. Rick Philps – Attorney at Law, Petersen & Philps, San Jose, Costa Rica Tel: 506-2288-4381, Ext. 102;     Email: rphilps@plawcr.com Website: www.plawcr.com  They also have an escrow company for real estate transactions approved by Sugef, “Alliance Equity”.  www.costaricacanadalaw.com

*Licda.  Yorleny Murillo Vargas,  2416-8538 or 8993-8838,   york.murillo@hotmail.com, Bilingual, in Puriscal.

  *Lawyer & notary, Max Rojas Fajardo, maxrojasf@racsa.co.cr,  2234-7676, bilingual in San Jose.

*Licda. Barbara Jimenez Coble; bj.coble@gmail.com  2272-3860, 8358-7075 Bilingual.

* Lic. Daniel Shanahan, Quepos, bilingual, Email; shanadan@racsa.co.cr, tel. 2777-1313, Quepos.

*Licda. Alina Fallas Zeledon, bilingual, 2273-6119, 8340-2497, licda.alina@amnet.cr

  *Lic. Danilo Portuguez, Engl-residency/real estate, 8579-9862, daniloportuguez@gmail.com

LEATHER PRODUCTS: Walter Dobles 8819-1631 in Grifo Alto, Puriscal. Spanish but some English.  Handmade bags, belts, sandals, cell phone cases, etc.  Also La Perla ‘shoe repair’ by Super Mora offers very nice custom made leather sandals.

LITTLE THEATRE GROUP; Reservations can be made at 8858-1446  or through the group’s Web page: littletheatregroup.org/reservations.html

LIQUOR DISTRIBUTOR: Distribuidora Calderon in Junquillal Arriba, on the main road about a mile past the cigar factory. 2416-4439.  Beers, wines and liquors. Closed for lunch 12 to 1pm.

LOCKSMITH:  Cerrajeria, East of Banco Popular, 2417-1059, 8320-8033

LOG HOMES – GAZEBOS:  http://www.grupoxilo.com/           http://maderaskodiak.com/

LOCAL SHIPPING: San Jose to Puriscal; Comtrasuli bus 2416-4814, in SJ 2256-0105


MAID: * Illiana Jimenez 8584-3546

MARIMBAS: Factory and music group, Purires de Turrubares, 8835-6491/8644-3496

MARIACHI BANDS:  Trio “El Santiago”, 45.000 colones one hour, 35.000 for serenata, 3 day notice before event. Call 8530-2319   TRIO LOS BOHEMIOS Ofresemos un regalo diferente para las Madres Servicio de serenatas 88824034 seria un gusto servirles

METAL WORKER:  Contact Rafa in San Antonio de Puriscal, he has a metal shop and works with stainless steel. 2416-5368. Spanish but he has a friend who speaks English.

MUSIC: Choir group, Coro de la Academia, Carlos Luis Fallas, 2416-8458, http://www.siemprecamilosesto.com/corocalufa/index.php

MASSAGE: *Gloriana Guzman, Nueva Vida, Puriscal centro, 2417-1496, 8846-6784,
email; gloriguz85@hotmail. M-F 7am-7pm, Sat. 7-12. 12.000 colones/hour.

MOVING SERVICE:  large trucks.
Eloy  8523-3259.   Luis Angel  8892-7060.  Marcos Quiros  8494-2795,  Colo Carga  8301-8123

MUFFLERS:  AutoSport, 2416-4832, 100 meters West of the Taxis.

NEWS: online in Spanish;  http://www.puriscaleno.com

NEWSPAPER:  “Puriscaleno” , owner is Verny Quiros, 8851-5787, vernyquiros@gmail.com

NEWS & INFORMATION: Online…. www.amcostarica.com ,  www.qcostarica.com,   www.news.co.cr,   www.crhoy.com

NEWCOMERS Womens Group: Marsha Waddelow, President 8624-4186

NURSERY-PLANTS:  Viveros EXORNA, 2416-7220, on the road in San Antonio before Puriscal.

NUTS IN BULK:  Nuts and peanut butter, bulk presentations, GREAT prices in San Jose: http://www.nuecesindustriales.com/



ORGANIC PRODUCTS/FARMS:   http://upwardspirals.net/organic-directory/



PANI:  The National Institute of Children is the governing institution in matters of children’s and adolescents’ rights AND care. It was created on August 15, 1930.  In Puriscal 2416-6211.  Located near the Munic. sports stadium, Dirección: Santiago de Puriscal; Barrio Corazón de Jesús, 350 metros norte de la estación de bomberos, frente al estadio municipal.  The government takes care of the children living in the facility. If you wish to donate gifts, Christmas, birthdays, etc. they can provide names of children who live at home but are very poor.  The PANI facility will sponsor a “tree lighting” event in December and public donations of cookies, treats, etc. are accepted.   http://www.pani.go.cr/servicios/directorio-de-contactos/12-contacts/29-puriscal

PARQUE NACIONALE :    http://www.costaricaweb.cr/en/la-cangreja-national-park-costa-rica/


PEPPER SPRAY:  Red Pepper Defensive Spray…available at Armeria Armix in Heredia 2261-6059 and Ciclo Huracan in the center of Alajuela, 2441-9469.  Cost is between $10 – $15.


PET CREMATION:  Cremation of pets, a service created thinking of the  end of our pets, the only safe way that exists, which is burning the body of the pet  and not buried on properties, lots, gardens, or worse still leaving them In Garbage Bags, thrown into rivers or on coffee plantations.  Located in Barva de Heredia.  https://www.facebook.com/Cremaci%C3%B3n-de-Mascotas-Francisco-de-Asis-Cr-388581867989206/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf

Retains a memory of your faithful friend, for more information call: 2260 5543

PET HOUSE SITTING:   http://www.livinglifeincostarica.info/

PET TRANSPORTATION  to Costa Rica:    http://www.ipata.org/          http://www.relocationcr.com/         http://www.movepet.com/                   

United Airlines, https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/animals/petsafe.aspx.  “…if dog is on same plane as you are” and is not over 100 lbs, including kennel, and not traveling as cargo, no broker is required. UA doesn’t do dogs as checked baggage, only as cargo, but what I was able to just verify is that the broker is required for San Jose, but NOT for Liberia.  Call your airline and verify the rules.

DELTA! They are great with shipping dogs. If you need a broker contact…. debbie@AllPetTravel.com

PHYSICAL THERAPY: *Nueva Vida, Gloriana Guzman, 2417-1496, 8846-6784

Power Fitness Ekilibra-T, 8703-5347, www.puriscal.biz/ekilibra-t/

 Clinica FisioPlus, near US embassy. Paola Marin, English, 2220-4572, 8377-8802, fisioplus@hotmail.es 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Verny Quiros 2417-1100, 8851-5787, Spanish only


PLUMBERS:   Coly 8890-8095.  Ronulfo 8784-4247 bilingual.    Plumber Jose Campos, Tabarcia. Worked for AyA for 16 months. Tel. 8542-8409.    Roger al 8698-8279.       Jose..tels. 6325-5069 or 2416-4486

PIANO REPAIR/TUNING:  www.pianosojo.com  8920-3636  Jose Sojo, bilingual.

PIZZA:  PIZZERÍA IAN 🍕🍕🍕   83921674 y 88775748    75 metros este de la clínica o frente al Taller los Gemelos.   Call for updates on specials;  Miércoles 2 x 1 en Pizzas de 2 pm a 9 pm$ervicio Express 88775748—83921674 Pizzería Ian en Barrio los Ángeles

PHARMACY: Farmacia Dozel, next to the old church 2416-6029

PODIATRIST:  www.lacasadepie.com

PROPERTY MANAGER: Expat naturalized citizen of CR; contact the Puriscal Times.

RADIATOR REPAIR:  Taller Gonzalez in Barrio Los Angeles, 2416-5236

Radio Puriscal 88.3 FM  www.radioculturalpuriscal.com

RAFTING: Aguas Bravas, 2292-2072, Chirripo River class III, www.aguasbravascr.com

RECYCLING CENTER:  Centro de Acopio Yeca, 8321-6476, about 3 miles outside Puriscal on the main road, before the hospital, and in front of Frutas Yeca.  Email…centrodeacopioyeca@gmail.com


RESIDENCY:   3 categories….rentista, pensionado, inversionista.  Note that if you do apply as a Rentista and are under the age of 55, you are required to pay into the mandatory social healthcare system, which could cost you $450 a month. Most expats also purchase private health insurance due to long wait times for appointment for specialists or surgery in the CAJA (social system). If you have a baby born in CR then you can apply for residency through the Vinculo program.

Costa Rica Residency – General Information and Summary 2017


Miroche:  on the road towards Barbacoas.   grilled tuna was great, the steak could have been more tender, the big ribs were very good, the hamburger sucked….atmosphere excellent , pricing good, expanding menu to included pastas.

CHINESE:  Sabor Oriental, 2416-7872, 2416-8175.  150 meters West of Super Mora, Cedral, ICE.                                                                 Rest. El Redondel-bar-event salon, behind Seguro Social in Santiago, 2416-6554   Sunday buffet 12-4pm                                                      Balneario Santa Marta, Mercedes Sur, Puriscal. 2416-3015. Swimming pool, bar, restaurant, cabins.  Best Chifrio that I have had in Costa Rica.  Very reasonable prices.  FACEBOOK; https://www.facebook.com/centroturistico.santamarta                                                     El Higueron en Cerbatana; ribs, ceviche, nachos, friend chicken, chalupas…plus singing and dancing.                                                            Porky’s Hamburgers & BBQ in Pozos, Santa Ana, 400 meters North of the church, just past Fresh Market. Parking next door.  100’s of beers.             Casa 76 in Ciudad Colon, 225 meters East of BNCR. Great pizzas, pastas, fish and steaks.   Beer & wine available.             Restaurante Dona Tona, in front of Panaderia Monge, 2416-8452
**El Tulin, West side of park/church. 2416-0181.  Can’t go there without ordering their ‘Jalapeno Poppers.’
Steak house & cabinas, Playa Carrillo Gte., http://www.cabinaselcolibri.com/
La Casa de Don Julian: about 3 kms. before Puriscal, 2417-3415, offers Rib Eye Angus steaks.  Calle Los Herrera, San Antonio, Puriscal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Donde Pilo, 1.5 miles past Grifo Alto, closed Mon. Tues.  Look for large Imperial sign on the right.                                                              Soda El Diamante is on google maps across from the park, next to Importador Monge. Good fried chicken..

RUBBER STAMPS: “paid, thank you, your name, etc.”  Located in front of BNCR, next to the jewelry store.

SAFES: “cajas de seguridad” for your home. 2239-1283, 8831-1737

SAUSAGES:  San Ramon, meat for expats, lots of sausage.   http://www.carnesdongerardo.com/home.html

Italian Sausage: Marcial Artavia, 8920-0616, Atenas. Martaviac@hotmail.com  DELICIOUS!

SCHOOLS:  https://www.angloinfo.com/costa-rica/directory/costa-rica-schools-international-schooling-250                                                                            Private:  Escuela Santisima Trinidad         https://www.facebook.com/Escuela-santisima-trinidad-480555505353707/info?tab=overview   2416-7491    email…joykama777@yahoo.es    Santiago de Puriscal, Barrio Corazón de María, del EBAIS dos 300 metros al sur y 300 metros al este.

Saint Spirit School……saintspiritschool@yahoo.es    Barrio Las Brisas de la entrada 100 norte y 100 este.  Puriscal 2416-4818

Colegio Bilingüe Naciones Unidas, Centro Educativo Nuestra Señora Del Carmen 2416-8162  B° El Carmen Puriscal,100 metros oeste de la esquina noroeste del parque y 200 norte frente cancha fútbol del polideportivo.  Email….seidylopez65@hotmail.com

Four other private schools in Ciudad Colon and several others in Santa Ana.

SECURITY SYSTEMS: Grupo CISA, 2416-8089, 2416-0356, 50 meters West of IMAS, 50 meters North of the Feria del Agricultor, 50 East and 50 North.

* Charles Zeller, 2258-8747, 2431-1234, Email – shiptocostarica@racsa.co.cr               Airport parking available.

Another option…..http://shippingcostarica.net/ 

Also…http://www.lomaser.com/   Mike Rappaport & Bryan Aguirre speak English. Located in Cartago.

Barry Wilson & Arden Brink at:   http://shipcostarica.com/  

Import duties & tariffs:     http://www.costaricalaw.com/Customs-and-Trade/costa-rica-import-duties-and-tariffs.html

SENIORS FOUNDATIONThe Fundación Cadena Mayor (Seniors Foundation) presented Tuesday a new icon to identify spaces and services for seniors in the country.  

The iconography, a blue box with 65+ in white and yellow lettering, replaces the blue box with a symbol of a person with a cane.  The new icon will be used to identify preferential seats on buses, lines at for seniors at banks, health centres and public recreation spaces, for example. The Cadena Mayor says the new logo avoids the discriminatory message of the old logo.  http://cadenamayor.org/ (under construction)

SENIORS HOME: Hogar de Ancianos Corazon de Jesus, 2416-6250, 50 residents.

SEPTIC TANK SERVICE: * Blanca Costa, 2416-6103, 8369-2038.  Also** Fumigadora Mundial with Juan Carlos, English & Spanish, tels. 2416-6103, 2416-0287, cell 8339-2814.         SANITARIOS LOS CHUMICOS, 8330-1555, 8772-5716

Shipping CONTAINERS and container homes.   www.containerhomes.net   Tel. 8307-8666  Located in San Ramon for 11 years.  James Lee

SHOE REPAIRS: in front of the other Super Mora market past the park by the construction material companies. In front of the Super Mora you will see a narrow, covered walkway.  At the end is a large repair shop run by ‘Perla’.  Tel. 8913-1249. Custom made leather sandals, 25.000 colones.

SILK SCREENING; logos, designs, transfers on clothing, caps, bags, shirts, mousepads, cups, aprons.  Oscar Castillo en San Juan de PUriscal. Tel. 2416-6235 and 8786-0769, email…castillooscar305@yahoo.com

SKYDIVING: Looking for some adventure? http://www.desafiovertical.com/
SNOWBIRDS:  http://www.snowbirds.org/home

SOLAR ENERGY EQUIPMENT:  www.solarcostarica.comwww.swissol.net, www.poderco.com.    Purasol, a company specializing in solar domestic hot water and solar electric.  CONTACT  ralph_carlson@earthlink.net or call at 8779-2344.

www.cr-solar.com/en/ Paul Furlong 2446-0543

SPANISH TUTORS:  Mary Carmen, Santa Marta, 8730-1465, $10-$15/hour + viaje, has car. Her son speaks English.  Her email is: candelaria1988@gmail.com

   Omar Arias in Puriscal,  teléfono 8682-1140, email is; omararias28@yahoo.es

   Isabella (a.k.a. Chris)…8895-2959. Puriscal centro.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Prof. Armando Jimenez has a language school 200 meters from the central park. Tel. 2416-5174  Tiene academia en el barrio El Carmen.  Email; armicarit@yahoo.com

Great book: 501 Spanish Verbs by Christopher Kendris, Barron’s Educ. Series, NY.                                              


SWIMMING POOL BUILDERS:   http://ecopiscinas.net/   Orotina…pools & storage tanks. 

Pool supplies from Glen Bain, 2643-3227, poolworld1@hotmail.com


Balneario Santa Marta, Mercedes Sur, Puriscal. 2416-3015. Swimming pool, bar, restaurant, cabins.  Best Chifrio that I have had in Costa Rica.  Very reasonable prices.  Wi-Fi.                         FACEBOOK; https://www.facebook.com/centroturistico.santamarta

Rancho Montezumo…hotel, cabins, swimming pool, in Le Legua, Puriscal.  https://www.facebook.com/Centro-Turistico-Montezumo-536503379795443.   www.ranchomontezumo.com, montezumo06@yahoo.com, Tel. 2416-3035, 8561-3135.

Kamakiri Recreational Center. Mon: 6am – 10pm, closed Tuesdays, Wed.-Sundays 6am – 10pm.  Tel. 2416-2175   Email; kamakiri@outlook.com   https://www.facebook.com/kamakiripuriscal    38 meter water slide, heated swimming pool, fast food restaurant, soccer field, beach volleyball court, basketball, green areas, play area for kids, rooms for parties. Rock climbing wall and zip line canopy offering adventure and adrenaline.  Directions are from PALI 100 mts. North, 100 mts. East. Entrance: 4.000 adults, 2.500 ‘seniors’ and kids 4-12. Futbol 5 10.000/hour, beach volleyball court 4.000/hour. Physical therapy membership 25.000.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              VERDE  MALAKITA…Somos un centro turístico familiar, ubicado en San Pablo de Turrubares a 40 minutos del peaje de Escazú sobre la ruta 27.  Camping, day use, swimming, waterfalls, wildlife.    Tel. 8391-7918, closed Wed. Thurs.   Visite la página en Facebook. Verde Malakita….

I have one between Bajo Mora with barbecues, soccer field, basketball court, rancho, swimming pool and large green zones tel: 8666-4064, Sr. Jose manuel Salas Chacon.  Available for private parties.

SPAS:  Trilogia Estetica & Spa, Tel. 6202-2668, located in Junquillo Arriba.


Souvenirs en bamboo, 6090-7249, rustic furniture, Mercedes Norte,  Bajo Murillo road

Santa Ana;  150 meters West of BCR,2282-6073. 
  items must be shipped within the USA or Canada.
www.cigarsofcostarica.com     Made in Puriscal, shipped around the world!                                              


STREET REPAIR/PAVING: Julio Rodriguez Marin, 8392-9285, jroyma@hotmail.com


SPANISH INSTRUCTION: Spanish classes for seniors, 2524-1726, www.epifaniaschool.com

SUPERMARKETS:  PALI, Super Mora, Maxi-Pali (Walmart)

TABLE and CHAIR RENTALS:  Exorna 2416-7220 in San Antonio


TELEVISION-internet:    CLARO tv, internet, phone  8534495,  8522-0719.    CABLETICA.COM.   SKY satelitte TV.    Metrowireless internet.      Telecablecr.com,  4080-4000   E-mail: servicioalcliente@telecablecr.com

TIRES:   Tire Kingdom, 2416-7655, diagonal of PALI.

Estacion de servicio San Juan, Firestone, 2416-5161, 2417-1555.


TOPOGRAPHER: Carlos Alberto Mora Cascante, 2417-1909, email…proyectaryconstruir@gmail.com

TOURS: One day rural tours, Discover Costa Rica: http://turismoruralcr.com/en

TOWING SERVICE/GRUA: * Stalin 8315-5000       and               Gruas Macho 8877-4455, Gruas Chaco 2416-6868 / 8384-5259

TRANSLATION – Interpreter:   Luis Diego Marin, translator; marinluisdiego@gmail.com

TRAVEL/TOURS in Costa Rica: Personalized tours Pkgs., Daniel Scoble,   8303-3249, email  dannyscoble7@gmail.com                                               
Kevins Transfers….he can help you and will accommodate dogs…he is American and we use him for all transfers and has very large vehicles….he is based in Jaco and will go anywhere…we love him and he is fair in price   Kevin…USA #n is 770-892-8284 and here is CR its 8340-5182…..or www.kevintransfers.com  and email comeeds@yahoo.com

TRUCK FOR HIRE:  Fernando Alpizar  8337-0367

TV:  http://www.skycostarica.net/………http://www.claro.cr…….CTV Cable Vision 2416-8181, 2416-7516


USA TAXES: Nick Hodges, CPA/PFS, MBA, CFP    NCH Tax & Wealth Advisors (www.nchwealth.com)

VAN RENTALS/TRANSPORTATION: Tours of Puriscal, Tours Bola 2417-1800 & 8982-1800, $90.00            Servicio de Turismo, Abraham Machado, 8870-5461 2249-3726, abmachado2000@hotmail.com                                     Franciso Ugalde, 8397-6395, 2262-3952, franciscougalde3@yahoo.com


*Purisvet, Puriscal centro, Dr. Laura Villegas speaks English. Tel. 2417-0011 and emergencies 8928-1212, Email; purisvet@hotmail.com                                                                                                                                                                                Dra. Carolina Calderon, English, located on the road to Barbacoas, 2416-8837, 8332-1274, and email; clinica.dracarolcalderon@gmail.com  www.carolina.vidamascr.com  Pet Hotel also.



WALLPAPER:  Creative Walls, Centro Comm. La Paco Escazu, 2228-9659, www.creativewallsdesign.com, FB/creativewalls

WINE: by Don Teofilo Santillan winery in Grifo Alto, Puriscal.  Tours available, English, Monica 8847-7352 and Gabriella 8839-2398. The wine is sold in Super Mora (6.500) and at the winery for 6.000 colones.

 The largest waterpark in Costa Rica has opened in the Arenal region, with the unique bonus that it has been built on top of a hot springs.  Located just outside of La Fortuna de San Carlos,  Kalambu Hot Springs Water Park combines the health benefits of the hydrothermal attraction with the fun of a waterpark. Facilities include a restaurant, pool bar and four water slides.  http://www.kalambu.com/

WEED CUTTER/chapeador:  Jose 2416-4486.  Mauricio Villalobos  8937-2554

WHEELCHAIR:  need to rent a wheelchair?  contact the Lion’s Club in Puriscal.

WOMENS Club of CR    http://wccr.org/


WRITERS GROUPS:  Atenas writers group, meets 2nd Wed. of the month at Hotel Colinas de Sol, contact; Michael Rusin 2451-8063

YOGA: www.atenasyoga.com.  In Puriscal, http://www.costa-rica-mountain-property.com/